Consumer Information and Disclosures

In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act, this page is provided as guide to information available through the Bacone College website for the benefit of our students.  Click on any topic heading to expand that section.

You may obtain printouts of HEOA information at the Office of Financial Aid.

About Bacone
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ACT Testing Rules
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College Navigator
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Copyright Infringement Policy and Sanctions
Costs and Net Price Calculator
We have an Enrollment Checklist for new students. 
Equity in Athletics
Faculty Handbook

View our faculty handbook here.

Gainful Employment

Please apply for housing before the semester begins.  Students must complete a housing application and an immunization form, and these forms must be approved before the day they move in. In addition, a parking permit is required for students with vehicles.

Students may wish to bring the following items to furnish and maintain their rooms:


  • Bedding and Mattress Cover – Twin XL
  • Personal Hygiene items
  • Shower Caddy and Shower Shoes
  • Cleaning supplies (Broom/Dust Pan, Swifer, etc.)- This is to help you keep your personal space clean.
  • Laundry Detergent, Dryer Sheets


  • Curtains
  • Floor Rug
  • Microwave
  • Mini-Fridge
  • Electronic Devices- TV, Game Consoles, iPad (Please make sure you take note of ALL serial numbers for your devices)
  • Non-Perishable Foods
  • Drinks (Gatorade, Water, Soda)
  • Eating Utensils/Paper Plates, Bowls

 Questions about housing, the application process, and vaccinations may be addressed to [email protected].

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

As a historic American Indian-serving institution, Bacone College provides a quality, holistic, liberal arts, educational experience for students in a culturally diverse environment, empowering life-long learners with the knowledge, skills, and capacity to be transformational leaders in both Native and non-native communities.

Our Vision

Empowering transformational leaders who incorporate traditional values and voices to
positively impact our local communities around the world.



Organizational Chart

Privacy Policy & Terms of Service
Public Facility Usage
Please contact the Bacone College main office to inquire about usage and/or rental of Bacone College facilities.

For wedding information, please view facility rental costs here.

Statement on Facilities and Services Available to Students with Disabilities

Bacone College accepts students with learning and physical disabilities and provides reasonable accommodation to help them be successful.  Depending on the nature of the disability, some students may need to take a lighter course load and may need more than four years to graduate.  Disability accommodations in higher education are approached differently than in grades K-12, and colleges and universities are not obligated to provide the same accommodations provided by a previous school.   For details from Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 regarding Documentation Guidelines, Burden of Proof, Individualized Accommodations, and Guidelines, See Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act referenced on the Bacone Website.  Students needing accommodation should apply as early as possible, usually the semester before they plan to attend classes.  Immediately upon admittance to Bacone College, students need to identify and document the nature of their disabilities. This documentation usually consists of a recent high school Individualized Education Program (IEP) or results from testing done by a psychologist, psychiatrist, medical doctor and/or another qualified, licensed individual.   It is the responsibility of the student to provide the College with appropriate materials documenting the learning and/or physical disability.   The College does not provide assessment services for students who may be learning disabled nor does the College have structured programs available for students with emotional or behavioral disabilities.   For questions regarding learning or physical disabilities contact the Office of Academic Affairs.

Standards and Processes for Academic Credits
Per the Bacone College Catalog p. 61:

Bacone College has adopted the Department of Education Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 34, Part 600.2 standard for a credit hour

Read the Standards and Processes for Academic Credits policy here.

Student Handbook
Title IX

Please see our Title IX (Title 9) page.

Title IX Coordinator
Dr. Kelly LaChance
Vice President of Student Affairs
(918) 360-7771

Transcript Requests

Students may request transcripts through

To withdraw from a single class, please complete an Add/Drop form with the help of your academic advisor.  This form must be reviewed and signed by both a registrar and a financial aid officer before any changes can be finalized.

To withdraw from a semester, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to moodle using your student ID and password.
  2. Click the Students tab at the top of the page and the Resources option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Resources page and click the option “Withdraw from Bacone College.”  You will be guided through a wthdrawal form, an exit survey, and student loan exit counseling.

If you are more than two weeks into the semester, please discuss the consequences of withdrawing with your acadmic advisor first.

Vaccination Policy
Bacone College requires all students with on-campus housing to be vaccinated.  Students who intend to stay on campus must complete a residency hall agreement and an immunization form.