The Place that Prepares
American Indian Leaders

The Center for American Indians at Bacone College mission is to be known as the place that Prepares American Indian Leaders. Bacone College’s historic commitment to serving American Indian students within a diverse setting that also honors and encourages the practice of American Indian beliefs and traditions sets Bacone apart from other institutions of higher education. The CAI goal is to have at least 51% of Bacone’s student body be American Indian, and as of July 2020, it has reached 67%. All CAI programs, events and service are provided to ensure the mission and goal becomes reality.


Aaron Adson
Director of Center for American Indians
[email protected]

Welcome to the
Center for American Indians
at Bacone College

The Center for American Indians incorporates and utilizes the Medicine Wheel framework in thinking, planning, implementing, and assessing cultural activities.

 The Medicine Wheel framework is a circular, cyclical concept that is unending.  It is an opportunity for teaching and learning, growth, and education.

The First Section – East quadrant allows brainstorming and thinking of cultural ideas/activities that engage students, staff, faculty, administrators, Board members, and community members.  Thinking about the appropriate cultural activities that respect the tribe, region and timing of the event is presented.  As well, there is discussion about the personnel, budget, and intended audience.

The Second Section – South quadrant involves planning events that celebrate the various American Indian cultures of our students that creates a home-like setting for students.  College employees work with student sponsors and students themselves to plan when, where, how, and why events and activities are held.  Discussions are held for everyone to communicate what resources, location of the activities, and key individuals who will lead and assist in the planned activity. Time and preparation, as well as required human and fiscal resources are identified, raised, and identified.

The Third Section – West quadrant is the time to implement the idea with the appropriate resources into action.  Individual and team work, building trust, communication, responsibility, and confidence are achieved.  To see the actual idea planned and implemented creates a sense of pride and allows students and college employees to build a sense of community.

The Fourth Section – North quadrant is the opportunity to reconvene and talk about what students learned or achieved.  This time to reflect allows students to identify what worked and what didn’t so the next time the event is held the identified missteps will not reoccur.  This also opens up new or additional ideas and activities to be part of the monthly, semester, or annual activities of the College, creating a sense of community.