Bacone College Division of Liberal Arts

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”   Socrates

The mission of the Division of Liberal Arts is to advance understanding and appreciation of the arts and humanities through a challenging, creative curriculum that cultivates general intellectual ability and critical thinking. Students in liberal arts are specially equipped to enter the teaching profession, while others go on to careers in the law, public relations, educational administration, advertising and marketing. No matter what path the student chooses the Liberal Arts curriculum promotes critical thinking, effective communication, and perpetual learning.

A bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Bacone includes selected coursework from general areas of study including the Humanities, Social Sciences, Creative Arts, and Sciences. The student will also develop a certain degree of focus in a discipline (The English or History Concentrations, respectively) or choose a group of thematically linked courses, (the Liberal Arts Concentration).

An education in Liberal Arts is broad and diverse.  Lower division coursework might best entail three or more Intro-to-Discipline courses which will equip the student with general knowledge and the ability to choose from a number of avenues for more advanced learning in upper division coursework.

Studying liberal arts provides the student with the unique and necessary skill set to succeed in the working world. These “employability skills” include reading, writing, speaking effectively, knowledge of language, critical thinking, problem solving, basic numeracy, information literacy, and the ability to continue to learn for life.

Degree Plans for Concentrations in Liberal Arts:


Interdisciplinary Studies