Special Challenges

Elizabeth Higgins, Trustee Emeritae: Challenges all Trustee Emeritus/ae to donate $5,000.

Rick West, Trustee: Challenges all current Trustees to donate $2,000.

Leroy Thompson, Faculty: Challenges all Faculty members to donate $1,500.

Dr. Nicole Been: Challenges all Executive Team staff to donate $500.

When using the donate button above, please use the note section during payment to designate which campaign, scholarship or program you are donating to. For general donations, you may leave the note section blank.
Please contact the Bacone Business Office at [email protected] or the Development Office at [email protected] if you have any questions and we will promptly assist you.

Spring 2021 Phonathon – Help us renovate C-Pod for our incoming American Indian Students!

We are in the process of raising funds for a great project to benefit our growing student population! Our enrollment is growing, and as we continue to remain cautious due to COVID-19, we hope to be able to offer private rooms to all on-campus students in Fall 2021.
We are holding a “phonathon” this week, and you may hear from us about our fundraising efforts. We’ve already raised $82,125 toward our goal of $150,000 to renovate C-pod, our apartment-style dorms for American Indian students; McCoy Hall, our women’s dorm; and Posey Hall, our men’s dorm, for our incoming students in the fall. (When donating online, indicate your gift is intended for “dorms” or specify the dorm in the “Write a Note (Optional)” space under the payment amount.)
Please contact Jacqueline Baker at [email protected] or 918-360-1514 for more information or use our Paypal donate button to the left to donate online!

Thank you to all our donors to-date!

Cheryl Pots

Jan Jacobs

Nancy Bear

Veda Lewis

Mary Brunner: in memory of husband Charles Brunner

Katrina Shanks

Marjorie Rush

Barbara-Sue Rose

Lahoma Schultz

Amy Foulkes

Greg Cournoyer Jr.

Max Yamane

Heather Andrews

Zint Kala Eiring

Beth Eiring

Casie Wise

Alision Sacks

Dr. Faith Smith

Kenneth Adams

Donna Beach

Mark & Andrea Cournoyer

Justin Cournoyer

Ryan Tanega Yacpot

Baptiste Cournoyer

Ryan Cournoyer

Quinton Roman Nose, Chair, Board of Trustees

Donna Crisp

Miriam Harrington

First Baptist Church Foundation

First Baptist Church Foundation

Archie Mason

Raymond Redcorn

Hilda Sanders

Duane Dudley

Alice Brown

Helene Fletcher

Roger Spinks

Raymond Cournoyer

Justin Higgins

Starla Philips Carlton

Lana Moses Robinson

Amanda Hoyst Keene

Elizabeth Cook Allen

Jennifer Peyton

Jennifer Glory

Chiara Bruguier

Joseph Williams

Kris Cournoyer

Sukkat Chaim Ministry

Jimmie Kay Drywater & Brian Drywater

Vinnie Hoover

Susan Lemon, DAR

Barbara McAlister

Stephen Adkins, Trustee Emeritus

Jim Cournoyer

Earl Cournoyer

Robert Maxim

Pamela Derrick

Anna Johnson

Sandra Everly

Claudette Kennedy

George Langdeaux

Wambli Win: In Memory of My Mother – Inez Two Elk

Justine Wilson

Frank Woodeshick: In Memory of Hugo and Marhorie Woodeshick

Jody Cournoyer

Elizabeth Higgins

Rick West, Trustee

Leroy & Virginia Thompson, Faculty

Melanie Janis: In Memory of Everette and Velma Janis

Katherine Brown: In Memory of Alma Brown and Jacob Brown

Diana Cournoyer: In Memory of Bruce Brown

Chebon Kernell: In Memory of Glen and Janice Kernell

John Claybon

Anubhav Gaur

Kevin Bowman

David Spyres

Fonda Robinson

Peggy Parsons, Trustee Emeritae

Donna Beach

Why donate to Bacone College?

In this unprecedented year of  COVID-19, all of us at Bacone College truly hope this letter finds you and yours safe and well. We hope we can share with you how you can make a difference in the lives of our students, and we hope it will inspire you to participate by making a donation. As a private, not-for-profit college where economic, cultural, racial, and religious diversity is valued,  celebrated, and protected on our campus, your generous gift will directly support students’ experiences here every day.

Bacone College is asking for your generous support now as we continue to guide our students through the ongoing pandemic and strive to keep them safe as they learn and grow. I hope you will join me and make a tax-deductible gift today.

A’xe’hee -Thank you again for your kind generosity.

Dr. Ferlin Clark, President
Bacone College

Learn more about how you can help!


This year Bacone has seen the most students enrolled since 2018. In fact, while other schools in the area have seen a significant decrease in enrollment, Bacone has seen a 21.7% enrollment increase. In order to serve the greater housing needs of our burgeoning student population, we must urgently renovate Walter-Starr Hall, Poloke-Bosen Hall, and the lower level of McCoy Hall for the upcoming semesters. We need to raise $270,000 to complete this effort.  Your gift of any amount will have a direct impact on our students.

School of Indian Art

The Bacone College School of Indian Art is a historic program that could use your financial support. The School of Indian Art was formed in 1935, and saw such students and directors as esteemed artists Woody Crumbo, Dick West, Johnnie Diacon, Ruthe Blalock Jones, and so many more. The School of Indian Art inspired the Bacone-Style of Art, a flat-style of painting that is historic and still followed by many Native American artists today. Today’s school is in need of major renovations in its historic art building, McCombs Hall. And it is need of equipment and materials to give art students the most well-rounded art experience and education possible. Consider donating to this historic degree program today.


Because of our increased enrollment, there is also a much greater need for student scholarships. Our Native American students make up 59.3% of Bacone’s student population and it is our goal to establish substantial scholarships for Native American students; whether that student identifies as a first-time freshman, a non-traditional college student, or is a student that has dreamed of attending our School of Indian Art and following in the footsteps of esteemed Native artists such as Woody Crumbo, Walter Richard “Dick” West, or Ruthe Blalock Jones. Your generous donation makes higher education possible for our Native American students.


For the health, safety, and well-being of our students during the pandemic, Bacone has made the difficult decision to move all classes online for the remainder of the fall 2020 semester. Many of our students desperately need your financial help now more than ever in order to finish the semester successfully with all the technology necessary to move completely to remote learning. Bacone is asking for your generous support now as we continue to guide our students through this pandemic and strive to keep them safe as they learn and grow.