Donate to Bacone College

Your investment in Bacone continues our 140 year Warrior Tradition. More importantly, your generosity helps hard-working students turn seemingly unattainable dreams into 21st century reality.

Gifts from alumni/ae, friends, and corporate partners help us enlarge our student body and secure Bacone for the next generation. We also are grateful for gifts intended for specific needs, such as upgrading facilities or preserving our unique Native American art collection.

Your support makes a difference!  We would be happy to hear your particular area of interest or concern, and we can apply your donation for maximum benefit to you and Bacone. 

Please use the note section during payment to designate which campaign, scholarship or program you are donating to. For general donations, you may leave the note section blank.

Please contact the Bacone Business Office at [email protected] if you have any questions and we will promptly assist you.

Historic & Notable Projects

McCombs Hall – Our art classes are held in McCombs Hall, which is in desperate need of repair. The studios, galleries and offices are in disrepair, needing new sheetrock, paint, ceiling tiles and flooring. The basement has been flooded, but through the hard work of Art Director Gerald Cournoyer and students, has been cleaned and a pump installed. Nonetheless, the boiler is now out of service and the building only has window unit heat/air in two classrooms. Please consider donating to the effort to continue improving and repairing our historic art building.

The Bacone College Art Collection – Bacone College has a historic art collection, filled with delicate Native American art and artifacts. At one time stored in Ataloa Lodge Museum, the collection is now stored in another building on campus, unable to be displayed due to the need for a modern, technologically advanced building to display and store the collection. Please consider donating to this effort.

The Bacone College School of Indian Art – Scholarships and materials are needed to continue giving art students the finest Native American art education in our art department.

Wacoche Hall – Built as the first Bacone College cafeteria, this beautiful, historical building is now used for special gatherings for the college and the community. Wacoche has received new flooring, and other restorations, but is still in need of remodeled bathrooms and a renovated kitchen.

Bacone College Athletics – Major projects in the works include building new baseball and softball fields on campus. All sports can use assistance purchasing new equipment and uniforms, as well. Bacone College now supports baseball, softball, men and women’s soccer, men and women’s basketball and cross country. Please consider supporting your Bacone College teams.