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Our History

The Bacone College Art Department was founded in 1935, and was led by such prestigious directors as Acee Blue Eagle through 1938; Woody Crumbo through 1941, then again from 1943-1945; Walter Richard “Dick” West from 1947-1970 and 1979-1986; Terry Saul from 1971-1976; Ruthe Blalock Jones, 1979-2010; Tony Tiger, 2010-2014; Gerald Cournoyer, 2018-2021, and Michael Elizondo Jr., 2021-2022.

Notable Native American artist alumni include all of the previously noted art directors and artists such as Virginia Stroud, who was an art major from 1969-1970; Willard Stone, a sculptor who studied under Blue Eagle and Crumbo and won national recognition while a student at Bacone; Solomon McCombs and Enoch Kelly Haney.