Please use the list below to find contact information for the appropriate person or office you need. If you are unsure, please call our main number at (918) 683-4581 and press 0 for operator.

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Dr. Ferlin Clark

Office Phone 918-781-7216

Wambli Win, J.D.

Vice President of Academic Affairs
Office Phone 918-781-7428

Dr. Kelly LaChance

Vice President of Student Affairs
Cell Phone: 918-360-7771

Dr. Rebecca Truelove

Dean of Accreditation and Research
Cell Phone: 918-781-7241

William Lowe, MBA

Director of Human Resources & Special Projects
Office Phone 918-781-7277

Wendy Burton

Director of College Relations & Technology, Special Assistant to President
Cell Phone: 918-360-3866

Daniel Herren

Head Softball Coach/Director of Facilities/Acting AD
Cell Phone: 918-360-7352

Matt Wilson

Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives
Cell Phone: 918-310-3043

Pat Spinks

President's Office
Office Phone 918-781-7216

Warrior Cafe

Cell Phone: 918-781-7233

Kendall Scott

Senior Director of Student Support and Services
Cell Phone: 918-360-9703

Housing Lock Out Line

For after hours lock outs
Office Phone 918-360-7299

Campus Police

Campus Police Non-Emergency Number - for emergencies, please dial 911
Cell Phone: 918-360-5814

Aaron Adson

Director, Center for American Indians
Office Phone 918-360-2731

Rita Courtwright

Public Relations Manager
Cell Phone: 918-781-7400

JM Goingsnake

First Year Advisor/Recruiter in Student Affairs
Cell Phone: 918-792-2145

Shawnna Drywater-Terhune

Admissions Specialist
Cell Phone: 918-360-4656

Linda Milam

Office Phone 918-781-7275

Gail Shaffer

Registrar Assistant
Office Phone 918-781-7254

Josh Chapman

Interim Financial Aid Director
Financial Aid
Office Phone 918-781-7225

Darryl Noble

Financial Aid
Office Phone 918-781-7239

Rhonda Barron

Library Director/Instructor
Office Phone 918-781-7258

Cynthia Brown

Student Accounts
Office Phone 918-781-7437

Oliver Thompson

Office Phone 918-781-7245

Rickey La Cour

Accountant - Student Accounts
Cell Phone: 918-360-5031

Cathy Hayes

Accounts Payable
Office Phone 918-781-7206

Elizabeth Kaler

Bookstore Manager and Mail Room Coordinator
Cell Phone: 918-360-2737

Dr. Yaniv Cohen

Associate Professor of Biology
Cell Phone: 918-781-7317

Shawn Dixon, M.Ed., RT(R)(ARRT)

Assistant Professor, Radiography Program Director
Cell Phone: 918-360-1232

Michael Elizondo Jr.

Director, Bacone College School of Indian Art
Cell Phone: 918-360-3870

Diana Goodwin

Assistant Professor of Education; Chair, Education
Cell Phone: 918-781-7497

Linda Jordan

English Specialist and Chair, Division of Liberal Arts
Office Phone 918-781-7471

Dr. Nicky Michael

Director, American Indian Studies
Cell Phone: 918-360-9351

Kevin Neal

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Cell Phone: 918-781-7231

Ran Ren

Assistant Professor of Business/Chair, Jerome Steele School of Business
Office Phone 918-781-7497

Dr. Donna Sharp

Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts and Humanities
Office Phone 918-781-7499

Linda Strange

Professor of Mathematics
Cell Phone: 918-781-7488

Derric Sutton

Assistant Professor of Business
Office Phone 918-781-7401

Dr. Leroy Thompson

Associate Professor of Christian Ministry
Office Phone 918-781-7420

Dr. Stephen Wiley

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts and Humanities
Cell Phone: 918-360-3763

Tyrell Cummings

Head Baseball Coach, IT Support Assistant
Office Phone 918-310-7493
Cell Phone: 918-869-8340

Ruben Little Head

Head Men's Basketball Coach
Cell Phone: 918-360-9147

Jennifer Contreras

Cell Phone: 918-781-7462

Britanie Wacoche

Head Men's and Women's Golf Coach
Cell Phone: 918-360-4079

Philip Di Noia

Cell Phone: 918-781-7431

Tera Cuny-Baker

Head Women's Basketball Coach
Cell Phone: 918-360-6988