Cost of Attendance (COA) will differ among students based on scholarships, grants and federal student aid awarded. We want every student to find their maximum amount of potential aid, whatever their background or circumstances. Whether you qualify for academic scholarship, government grant, or other outside assistance, we will work with you to tailor a program that makes Bacone possible — and makes sense for the long term.


Main Campus:
Full-time (12-17 Credit Hours) Fall/Spring $6,000 Per Term
Part-time (1-11 Credit Hours) Fall/Spring $400 Per Cr. Hour
Enrolled in 18+ Credit Hours Fall/Spring $400 Per Cr. Hour
Tribal Colleges: (12-17 Cr. Hour)
Chartering Tribes (Online students taking 9 or less Cr. Hours) Fall/Spring/Summer $250.00 Per Cr. Hour
Pawnee Nation (continuing students only) Fall/Spring/Summer $ 174.00 Per Cr. Hour

Division of Online Teaching and Learning (DOTL) 8 week sessions:
DOTL (Online students taking or 9 less Cr. Hours) Fall/Spring/Summer    $400 Per Cr. Hour
Community Audit (1/7th of the hourly rate) $58 Per Cr. Hour
Concurrent Enrollment for High School Students $400 Per Cr. Hour
General Fees
Main Campus:
General Fee (full-time) $1,350 Per Term
General Fee (part-time) $550 Per Term
Tribal Colleges
Pawnee, Osage $200 Per Term
DOTL                                                            Fall or Spring Semester $100 Per Term
Other General Fees Library Fee: $5 per credit hour
Technology Fee: $10 per credit hour
New Student Enrollment Fee: $100
Graduation Application Fee: $75.00
Official Transcript Fee—Current Students first 5 copies $0
Official Transcript Fee—Current Students copies after first five: $5.00 per copy
Official Transcript Fee—Former Students (no balance) $5.00 per copy
Concurrent $ 100 Per Term

Room and Board:
Private Room $4,800 Per Term
Multi-Occupancy $4,300 Per Term
Other Fees:
Fall and Spring Semesters:
Admissions Application Fee          $0
International Student Deposit $12,575 Per Student
No Show Fee (Off-Campus)   $1,000 Per Occurrence
No Show Fee (On-Campus)   $2,000 Per Occurrence
Processing Fee (CLEP, APP, Challenge or PEP Credits)          $0 Per Cr. Hour
Graduation Application Fee        $75 Non-Refundable
Official Transcript Fee – Current Students (first 5 copies)     $0 (+5 = $5ea) Per Copy academic yr.
Official Transcript Fee – Former Students w/ $0 balance          $5 Per Copy
Course by Special Arrangement or Directed Study      $825 Per Course
Book Shipping & Handling (based on actual order) S&H Fee

Tuition Main Campus      $338 Per Cr. Hour
General Fee – 8 Week Main Campus      $200 Per 8 Wk Session
Multi-Occupancy Room      $580 Per 8 Wk Session
Private Room      $770 Per 8 Wk Session
No Show Fee (Summer)      $550 Per Occurrence
Application Fee (New Student)          $0 Per Occurrence
Processing Fee (CLEP, APP, Challenge or PEP Credits)          $0 Per Cr Hour
Classes by Special Arrangements or Directed Study      $825 Per Course
Individual Course Charges 2021-2022
Course Description Trans Doc Amount
ESE 3114 Exercise Physiology I Course Fee $25.00
ELE 4115 Mentor Teacher Charge Course Fee $150.00
ELE 4125 Mentor Teacher Charge Course Fee $150.00
ESE 3403 Prevention and Care of Injuries Charge Course Fee $25.00
ESE 3124 Exercise Physiology II Course Fee $35.00
ESE 4113 Administration of Exercise Prescription Course Fee $50.00
ESE 4123 Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription Course Fee $50.00
ESE 4996 Internship in Exercise Science Course Fee $35.00
MIN 4933 NCCA Conference Course Fee $0
MIN 2449 Internship Course Fee $625.00
MIN 4883 Profile and SACC Membership Course Fee $225.00
MIN 4893 Christian Counseling Certification II Course Fee $650.00
RAD 1114 Introduction to Imaging w/lab Lab Supplies $20.00
RAD 1223 Clinical I Liability Insurance $25.00
RAD 1223 Clinical I Trajecsys Clinical Tracking System $150.00
RAD 1223 Clinical I Energized Lab $40.00
RAD 1223 Clinical I Film Badge Service $60.00
RAD 1333 Clinical II OSRT Convention (membership registration and hotel) $160.00
RAD 2153 Clinical III Liability Insurance $25.00
RAD 2153 Clinical III Energized Lab $40.00
RAD 2153 Clinical III Film Badge Service $60.00
RAD 2203 General Registry Seminar HESI: Exit Exams (3 exams) $180.00
RAD 2305 Radiography Seminar Corectec: Registry Review $80.00
RAD 2363 Clinical V Pinning: Pins $70.00
RAD 2363 Clinical V OSRT Convention (membership registration and hotel) $160.00
RAD 2413 Career Skills ASRT Membership $35.00


Indirect Costs

Below are estimates of indirect costs – those not charged by the school but which students may experience in the process of pursuing a degree.  These estimates are based on the circumstances of a full-time commuting student who takes in-person classes.

Off-campus housing in Muskogee and the surrounding communities: $6,890 per academic year

Transportation: $2,400 per academic year

Miscellaneous personal expenses (i.e. clothing, hygeine, health care, etc.): $2,600 per academic year