Financial Literacy

Completing a college degree is one of the most responsible things a young adult can do. 

Having the financial literacy to use the new opportunities which come with a degree is next on that list.

Read any of the helpful articles below to become more prepared.  These links take you away from the Bacone website.  Bacone College is not responsible for their contents.

Resources for Parents

Helpful articles:


Citizens Bank Learning Portal 

Great Advice for Parents 2022 

OK College Start 

Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plans

Oklahoma Money Matters

Start With 

Resources for high-school students

Your Money Matters Guide for high-school students 

Helpful articles:


Oklahoma Money Matters 

Start With

Resources for college students

Helpful Articles:


Oklahoma College Assistance Program: 

Oklahoma Money Matters: 


    Community resources

    Community Christian Credit Union: 

    Tulsa Teacher’s Credit Union


    Career-planning resources

    Who has a bright outlook?  You will, when you plan ahead.


    Resources for future educators

    Other Resources 



    Identity Protection:

    Retirement Planning:

    Senior Citizens:

    Student Loan Help:


    • Find Energy – find local organizations which help college students with their utility bills