Dear Bacone Alumni/ae,

Ya’a’t’eeh – Hello!  Thank you for your valuable time spent reading this. Unlike most college president messages, I will keep it short!

Most of you know that Bacone has gone through a downturn in recent years. Some reports even have us closing after 138 years.

Simply put: No!

I am pleased to report that we remain quite active filling gaps, tackling challenges, and fixing anything that appears broken.  We remain the Bacone College “Warriors!”

Although some course corrections take time, we already have made significant progress. Our odds of success continue to improve, literally by the week.

My purpose here is not to detail every item– though I am happy to answer any question you ask.

For now, please accept just three points:

1.  Your Bacone College is back on track. Our Mission remains as compelling as it was in 1880, the years you spent here, and today.

2.  We invite you to share any personal story you wish – perhaps around “What Bacone did for me – and can do for you,” or similar theme.

We are compiling alumni/ae testimonies to share with prospective students and others. 

Of course, we will confirm any quote or excerpt with you before public use.  If you share particularly sensitive personal background, you can ask us to use your words without your name printed.

Please feel free to share any personal story via email to

[email protected]

3.  One major opportunity for rapid improvement lies in Bacone’s oversight and management.

Cutting through historic layers of red tape – into the electronic and online era – now allows you to assist our existing Board (or new “Advisory Group”) even if you live a distance from Muskogee.  Let me know if you have interest and bandwidth for this.

Together, we are laying the step-by-step, strategic groundwork for Bacone not only to survive — but to thrive.

Many of you already have blessed us with time and advice and even targeted seed gifts to make this recovery possible.

Please email me directly with any question, suggestion, or item you think can make us stronger.

If you want to help but don’t know how, email me and we will make it happen.  

Also, as we expand our alumni/ae contacts, you can forward this to all other graduates you know!

Finally, we all ultimately serve a Mission far greater than ourselves.  With that in mind, please know that I am honored to represent Bacone and you, every day.

Thank you for your prayers and your support.


Ferlin Clark

[email protected]