MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA – June 11, 2020
The Bacone College School of Indian Art’s online art auction begins at noon, July 1st, with bids ending at noon, July 31st. This 12″ by 12″ auction is a continuation of the school’s art raffle auction held on March 12 at the Oklahoma History Museum in Oklahoma City and the subsequent online auction that ended May 8th.

Paintings, prints and sculpture were donated by renowned Native American artists from across the country, including Ruthe Blalock Jones, Nocona Burgess, John Gritts, Minisa Crumbo and Johnnie Diacon, plus pieces from Bacone College School of Indian Art students.

“These proceeds from this auction will benefit our students through scholarships, new art equipment for printmaking, graphic design, drawing and painting,” said Art Director Gerald Cournoyer. “We are thankful for the art we’ve received from these well-known artists. It shows their level of commitment to the arts and the Bacone art program.”

In addition, the Bacone College School of Indian Art is in need of dire repairs to its building, McCombs Hall, where classes were held beginning in 1937 and continue to be held today. The building has suffered considerable water damage in the basement, and it appears it has had no updates or remodeling done since 1976.

At this time, two classrooms are in use thanks to the efforts of Art Director Gerald Cournoyer and students, who have diligently worked to remove water-damaged and rotting paneling, wood and ceiling tiles throughout. Recently, thanks to a donation from Brenda and Wilson Pipestem, with Pipestem Law, gutters and downspouts were installed to prevent water from continuing to run into the basement. In addition, our prominent Bacone College Art Collection is in need of conservation efforts.

The auction on March 12 saw pieces from Dana Tiger, former Bacone Art Director Gary Colbert, Erin Little Chief, Gerald Cournoyer, Matt Jarvis, George Curtis Levi, Hardy Ahtone, Gordon Emhoolah, and Duane Edd.

This continuation of the March 12 auction online is free and simple to register for by visiting and entering your name and email address. Follow the link in the sidebar to view and bid on the auction items.

Bids start at $250 and continue in $25 increments. Winning bidders will be notified when the auction ends and will pay shipping costs, which will be determined on checkout.

For more information or questions about specific pieces, email Gerald Cournoyer at [email protected].