In the summer of 2018, the college (under the leadership of new President Dr. Ferlin Clark, Navajo) began the process of fully returning to the mission of genuine Indian education to prepare and empower the Indigenous populations of all tribal communities/nations throughout the United States.  Bacone has streamlined academic, athletic and club programs and ensured that all areas of the college are meeting the needs of Indian students, their tribes and families.  Now is an incredible and important time to be a part of a renewed Bacone College!  We encourage you to apply now!  Be a true part this new era! 

10 Reasons Why Bacone College May Be for You

  1. Bacone College is the nation’s oldest American Indian University and the oldest university in Oklahoma.
  2. Bacone College is the State of Oklahoma’s most inexpensive university for American Indian students.
  3. Bacone College focuses on American Indian students (65 percent of the university’s student population) while also having students from various other countries, ethnicities and races on campus.
  4. Bacone College participates @ the NAIA Division I level in athletics and the majority of the school’s coaches and athletes are American Indian.
  5. Bacone College has an American Indian University President and many staff, faculty and Board of Trustees members who come from a variety of tribal nations and communities.  As well, there are university employees of highly diverse racial, ethnic and international origins who strongly believe in the historic mission of the university.
  6. Bacone College offers an automatic $10,000 scholarship to all residential American Indian students.
  7. Bacone College staff assist American Indian students with grant and scholarship submissions to various state, regional and national American Indian scholarship programs.
  8. Bacone College staff diligently work to ensure that all levels of federal, state and tribal aid are applied to your accounts.
  9. Bacone College offers many bachelor and associate degree programs in its urban campus of Muskogee, Oklahoma, less than an hour’s drive from the major metropolitan area of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  10. Attending Bacone continues the legacy of American Indian Education and ties you to a rich history of American Indian success, leadership and strength.

Jana Taylor, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs, Director of Admissions and Recruitment
[email protected]