Bacone College announced Monday the promotion of the former director of the Bacone College School of Indian Art. Gerald Cournoyer, the Oglala Lakota artist who has directed the art program since 2018, has been promoted to vice president of development.

“Gerald is a great ambassador for Bacone College. He can tell our true story, the challenging and difficult times we’ve been through and our transformation,” President Dr. Ferlin Clark said. “Gerald rolled up his sleeves and physically, mentally, culturally, and spiritually engrossed himself in the rebuilding of our historic art program after it was discontinued several years before. It is time now for him to lead our fundraising efforts to help Bacone College continue to thrive in our effort to refocus on our American Indian mission and our commitment to our American Indian students.”

Cournoyer, from Marty, South Dakota, followed in the footsteps of prominent Lakota painter, Oscar Howe to the University of Oklahoma, to pursue and eventually achieve, his master’s of fine arts in painting. Previously, Cournoyer attended the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, where he received an associate degree in fine art in painting. He later received his bachelor of fine arts, and then a master’s degree, at the University of South Dakota in Interdisciplinary Studies.

After receiving his master’s degree in fine arts at The University of Oklahoma, he was employed as a professor of painting. Mr. Cournoyer also holds a master’s degree in non-profit arts management, which will allow him to use his expertise in networking and developing relationships among those who support Bacone College. He is currently pursuing a master’s in philanthropy, as well.

“This is going to be a new and challenging experience with great rewards for Bacone College,” Cournoyer said. “I’m looking forward to working alongside the president and development team to move the college forward in a positive light as we prepare our students for the future.”

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