After a challenging year in 2018 when Bacone College was on the brink of closure, the school is now on a clear and productive path. Under a new President, the college is taking pride in a recovery plan that assures a brighter future for Native American, Christian Ministry,and other candidates.

The new leadership of Dr. Ferlin Clark, an experienced school head with Navajo and Harvard credentials, has played a big part in stabilizing the school’s operations with a focus on much needed growth for 2019.

“We have made difficult but proper adjustments to best align our available resources with budgets and expenses,” said Clark.  Stressing that Bacone has reviewed all financial procedures and controls to ensure best practices at every level, he suggests that people may be just as important as numbers:

“People and numbers are inextricably connected to our recovery,” Clark notes. “For that reason, it’s important to understand that our relationships with our students, tribal leaders, donors and friends need to be our first priority.”

In addition to re-establishing historic relationships among past donors, alumni, traditional stakeholders, and local tribes, Bacone College also commits to reaching out to an expanded pool of prospective students through high schools, direct email, local tribes, churches, and school alumni. Alongside scholarships, Bacone also plans an immediate increase in its adult classes being offered this year, at locations throughout Oklahoma.

Considering all the elements of their in-progress comprehensive recovery plan, the message becomes clear. Bacone College in Muskogee Oklahoma is indeed bouncing back with a renewed commitment to providing its community exceptional access to superior education and opportunities for learning.

Dr. Clark and his team are currently responding to alumni, tribal leaders, and a wide range of potential sponsors who have expressed interest in new scholarships for Native American students, Christian Ministry students, military veterans, and other worthy candidates.

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Bacone College was established in 1880 as Indian University in ‘Indian territory’ before Oklahoma was formed. Bacone College is fully committed to helping Native American and other students earn their college degrees. As part of its long-standing mission, Bacone College provides students with maximum financial aid through scholarships and grants. These scholarships are made available along with multiple academic, athletic and extracurricular programs.

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