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Last Name, First NameTitlePhoneEmail
Abraham, Jyoti Associate Professor of Biology Office: (918) 781-7315 Cell: (918) 688-2444 [email protected]
Adair, Michael Athletic Director, Head Baseball Coach 918-616-4082 [email protected]
BARKER, RICHARD HEAD VOLLEYBALL COACH 918-685-0818 [email protected]
Barnoski, Phillip Cross Country Coach (918) 316-7537 [email protected]
Beesley, Brad Chief of Police (918)781-7200 [email protected]
Beesley, Misty Housing Representative (918) 360-9703 [email protected]
Berry, William Head Softball Coach [email protected]
Calhoun, Kristy Human Resources Onboarding Specialist (918) 781-7362 [email protected]
Campus, Police Campus Police/Non-Emergency Call 911 for medical emergencies/fires... 918-781-7200
Chapman, Josh Interim Financial Aid Director (918) 781-7296 [email protected]
Clark, Ferlin President (918) 781-7216 [email protected]
Conine, Jeff Associate Professor of English (918)781-7227/(918)360-1514 [email protected]
Cooper, Carneta Special Events Coordinator (918) 781-7218 [email protected]
Davis, Alfred Assistant Woman's Basketball Coach 918-360-7352 [email protected]
Davis, Juan Admissions Specialist 918-360-3870 [email protected]
Dixon, Shawn Chair of Radiologic Sciences (918) 781-7317 [email protected]
Dotson, Barry Strength/Conditioning & Athlete Enhancement Coach 918-685-0293 [email protected]
Drywater-Terhune, Shawnna Reception/TRIO (918) 360-4656 [email protected]
Ehlers, Chris Director Information Tech (918) 781-7233 [email protected]
Forrest, Carly Financial Aid Counselor (918)-360-2737 [email protected]
Fredrick, Michael Associate Professor, Div. of Education 918-709-1064 [email protected]
Harjo, Kaila Interim VP of Student Affairs/Director of Admissions and Recruitment (918) 360-7771 [email protected]
Housing Office, Housing Office 918-360-9703 [email protected]
Innis, Danny Interim Vice President of Finance (918) 781-7246 [email protected]
Innis, Tearsa Math Tutor (918) 781-7353 [email protected]
Jordan, Linda English Specialist (918) 781-7258 [email protected]
Kass, Cathy Director of Student Support Services Office phone: (918) 781-7394 Cell phone: (918) 360-8620 [email protected]
Kee, Mindi Director of Human Resources (918) 781-7363 [email protected]
La Cour, Rickey Accountant [email protected]
Lopez, Jonathan Head Men's Soccer Coach 832-668-4717 [email protected]
McMillan, David Librarian, Betts Library 918-709-1062 [email protected]
Milam, Linda Registrar (918) 781-7275 [email protected]
Moore, Bree Assistant Athletic Trainer (918) 360-5089 [email protected]
Nevaquaya, Alicia Associate Professor, Chair - American Indian Studies [email protected]
Nilsson, Adam Printshop Associate (918) 310-3050 [email protected]
Osborne, Dawn Warrior Store Manager (918) 781-7281 [email protected]
Peppler, Jan Vice President of Development (918) 781-7226 [email protected]
Prentice, Lindsy Clinical Coordinator - Department of Radiology 918-310-3043 [email protected]
Ragsdale, Michael Financial Aid Counselor (918) 360-5031 [email protected]
Ren, Ran Assistant Professor of Business [email protected]
Reppond, Marsha Accounts Payable Clerk (918) 781-7206 [email protected]
Rife, Misty Instructor, Criminal Justice 918-685-0814 [email protected]
Scott, Kendall TRIO Receptionist/Tutor [email protected]
Shaffer, Gail Registrar Assistant (918) 781-7401 [email protected]
Sharp, Donna Asst. Professor - Liberal Arts & Humanities 918-724-6444 [email protected]
Sikora, Andrew Executive Director of Media Center (539) 302-7180 [email protected]
Spencer, Kristin Instructor, Mathematics 405-626-0440 [email protected]
Spinks, Pat Receptionist (918) 781-7216 [email protected]
Spinks, Roseanna Alumni Services Representatve (918) 781-7221 [email protected]
Springer, Galen Women's Basketball Coach (918) 331-7949 [email protected]
Steria, Sara Head Athletic Trainier 918-685-0762 [email protected]
Strange, Linda Professor of Mathematics [email protected]
Taylor, Marcia Admin Asst. Pres./Asst. Sec. Board (918) 781-7271 [email protected]
Taylor, Kyle Director, Center for American Indians/Native American Student Success Coordinator/Coordinator of American Indian Ministry Program (918) 360-1085 [email protected]
Thompson, Leroy Interim Vice President of Academic AffairsI 918-781-7218 [email protected]
Thompson, Oliver Accountant (918) 781-7245 [email protected]
Timothy, John Cultural Interpreter (918) 360-6471 [email protected]
Trammell, Joanna Assistant Professor of Business 918-510-9680 [email protected]
Truelove, Rebecca Assistant Professor - Division of Education [email protected]
Truelove, Rebecca Asst. Professor - Division of Education [email protected]
Truelove, Rebecca Asst. Professor - Division of Education 918-924-7422 [email protected]
Wiley, Stephen Director, Christian Ministry (918) 360-3763 [email protected]
Willis, Franklin K. President (918)781-7216
Win, Wambli Dean of the Rennard Strickland School of Tribal Law and Criminal Justice (918) 913-2755 [email protected]
Winters, John Chair and Associate Professor of Sports Recreation and Management (918) 781-7241 [email protected]
Yundem, Mustafa Vice President of Finance (918)781-7312 [email protected]