Misty Rife

I earned my B.S. in Criminal Justice from NSU in 2013 and an M.S. in Criminal Justice in 2017.  I’ve always been interested in case and information analysis.  My husband and I have four children from ages 7 months to 17 years.  I’ve taught criminal justice courses at Bacone in the past and it’s good to return.  Students don’t realize how many career opportunities there are in criminal justice, as it isn’t all about policing. I love helping them discover criminal justice opportunities that interest them–it brings a spark of fascination and discovery to their eyes. I’ve always been a strong advocate for recycling and in keeping with this, I sponsored a campus community service project,  “Student Service Day” at Bacone in Spring 2018.  Faculty and staff joined students to spruce and clean up the Bacone campus. 
“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.” –Leo Tolstoy
“He that plants trees loves others besides himself.”–Thomas Fuller