Will you help this Giving Tuesday?

Celebrate the spirit of the season with us as we renew our commitment of providing education, inspiration and opportunity for generations to come.

This semester alone, on campus residential students increased over 70%.

As a result, our need to establish scholarships and renovate our dorm rooms in Walter-Starr Hall, Poloke-Bosen Hall, and the upper levels of Posey Hall for the upcoming semester is more urgent than ever.

We need your help to meet our goal of $300,000 to complete this effort. 

We believe that by providing higher education to our communities, we can make the world a better place.

We invite you to join us in our promise of education and producing community leaders by donating to Bacone College. It is an agreement forged for our people, our communities, and our future.  

The staff and professors are so kind. There’s always one willing to help if I need it. They get to know me on a personal level. Bacone feels like family.

Victoria Swift

Bacone College Student

Now knowing the power we have as students, we could use our voices to make Bacone a better place! The History of Bacone is strong within our Tribal nations. I am proud to be a Warrior!

Matthew Sheka Jr.

Bacone College Student