We are honored to announce that Ms. Diane Shumaker, along with her husband, Robert Southard, have established the Shumaker Fellowship at Bacone College.  No doubt this will be the first of several such Fellowships at Bacone.

With a gift of $50,000, this Fellowship will provide $10,000 scholarships for five American Indian women studying at Bacone College, beginning this fall of 2022.  This amount funds nearly all of the tuition for each of these students for the academic year, ensuring that these five outstanding American Indian students will have access to Bacone’s quality educational programs without concern for their finances. 

Dianne and Robert invite other individuals, groups, tribes, churches or other organizations to create a fellowship as well.  The gift of $50,000 will ensure that five other American Indian students will have the same access as well.  A fellowship can be granted in the name of a donor, organization or tribe.  They can honor or remember a loved one, friend or a member of a tribe or church. 

Anyone interested in creating a fellowship should contact Dr. Leroy W. Thompson at Bacone College at 918-348-8786 to discuss the possibility. 

This effort is part of the “Bacone and Beyond” financial campaign to raise $600,000.  You can be part of this great effort to provide American Indian students with opportunity and access.  Join us!