Welcome to Bacone College,

   Tradition, Native American Culture, Christian values and creative work are at the heart of Bacone College. As a tribal land grant college, we were created to help provide higher educational opportunities to Native Americans.

   As we have moved into the 21st century, our student diversity has broadened considerably, and Bacone now encompasses a true multicultural community.

   The engagement of our students in the campus and local community is of critical importance to their education. Today’s Bacone provides a comprehensive academic curriculum, a robust athletic program, and a dynamic international student population.

   I am convinced that the best approach to preparing students for their careers is to inspire them to discover, create, and innovate.

   We encourage our students to embrace the perpetual change of the 21st century as Bacone emerges from its historical past and is reshaped as a modern college.

Best Regards,

President Franklin K. Willis

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President Frank K. Willis

Franklin Willis serves as Bacone College's President. He has previously served Bacone as a member of the Board of Trustees for 2 ½ years. Prior to coming to Bacone, Willis was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Lynn Health Science Institute Inc. The institute specializes in clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry and sleep and GI medical research. His earlier career followed a number of paths that included law, government, healthcare, and now education. Willis was a senior official in the Reagan Administration, serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Department of Transportation and subsequently, in the Department of State. In 2003, he took leave from the Lynn Institute to serve in Baghdad, Iraq as the second in command of the Coalition Provisional Authority's Ministry of Transportation and Communications. Following 16 years of service in the federal government, Willis served as Vice President then Group Vice President for Legal, Environmental, and Government Affairs with Rollins Environmental Services, Inc. for 15 years. He then joined the Lynn Institute in 1997. Willis has served as Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University and the Georgetown University Law School. Willis is a graduate of Harvard, magna cum laude, and holds a Jurist Doctorate, cum laude from the University of Michigan, where he was a member of the Law Review.