This page will help you search for members of our faculty and staff.

Name Title Office Phone Cell Phone
Admissions Welcome Center (918)781-7340
Financial Aid Welcome Center (918)781-7474
Registrar Welcome Center (918)781-7340
Advising Center Welcome Center (918)781-7340 (918)709-1058
Business Office Welcome Center (918)781-7211
Housing & Hospitality Bacone Commons (918)781-7215
Human Resources Palmer Center (918)781-7362
Facilities Bacone Commons (918)781-7215
Student Life Bacone Commons (918)781-6215
Merritt D. Betts Library Library (918)709-1062
Ataloa Lodge Gift Shop (918)360-5494
Jyoti Abraham Assistant Professor of Biology (918)781-7315
Michael Adair Head Baseball Coach (918)781-7237 (918)685-0300
Helen Baker Special Asst to EXVP (918)781-7231
Amanda Barnes Assistant Women's Basketball Coach (918)781-7357
Cheryl Bates Accounts Payable Clerk (918)781-7206
Brad Beesley Chief of Police (918)781-7450
Mary Blankenship Assoc. Prof & Dir of the RN to BSN Program (918)781-7356 (918)360-9865
Diana Brown Admin. Assist. CC Harmon 918.781.7310
Robert Brown Executive Vice President & Dean of Faculty (918)781-7218
Lynelle Burrows Assistant Professor of Education – Coordinator ECH & ELE (918)709-1064
Josh Cagle Lead Graphic Designer (918)709-1067
James Carter Head Soccer Coach (918)685-0520
Teresa Cash Assistant Professor of Social Sciences (918)310-6961
Jeremy Colbert Asst. Wrestling Coach (918)360-7612
Lee Coleman Financial Aid Counselor (918)781-7337
Jeff Conine Associate Professor of English (918)781-7227
Devin Cross Head Softball Coach (918)781-7255 (918)685-0427
Kandy Dailey Admin Assistant SOE (918)781-7213
Robert Daniels Assistant Football Coach (918)781-7279
Faye Davis Executive Director, Betts Library (918)709-1062 (918)685-0724
Shawn Dixon Instructor & Chair of Radiography (918)781-7317
Frances Donelson Librarian (918)360-6514
Shawnna Drywater-Terhune Admissions Counselor (918)781-7340 (918)360-4656
Jeffrey Dupree Division Chair, School of Education (918)781-7291
Chris Ehlers Director Information Tech (918)781-7233
D. Layne Ehlers Professor of Creative Arts (918)709-1065
Jeff Ehlers Inf Tech Specialist (918)781-7455
Constance Falleaf Assistant to Assistant Vice President for CAI (918)709-1060 (918)687-3299
Cindy Farmer Instructor of Criminal Justice (918)781-7301
Alan Foster Assistant Vice President Athletics & Head Men's Basketball Ball (918)781-7212
Debbie Frazier Registar Assistant (918)781-7239
Judy Garrett Advisor & Assistant Professor of Nursing (918)781-7434
Kimberlie Gilliland Director of Development (918)781-7226
Amber Glass Recruiter, DAE (918)685-0809
Joanna Golunska Assistant Professor of Business (918)781-7232
Beth Gulley Office Mgr Athletic Dept (918)781-7357
William Hale Division Chair and Associate Professor of Exercise Science 918.781.7299
Rickey Hayes Head Athletic Trainer (918)781-7204
Kindle Holderby Director of Student Life (918)360-0202
Dustin Hopkins Assistant Director of Student Life
Danny Innis Accountant 918.781.7246
Kim Jernigan Purchasing Clerk (918)781-7345
Linda Jordan English Specialist (918)781-7258
Cathy Kass Division Chair & Professor of Educational Psychology & Coordinator of First Year Experience. (918)781-7394 (918)360-8620
Patricia King Interim Division Chair and Assistant Professor of American Indian Studies (918)687-3299 (918)360-6471
Russell Lawson Professor of History (918)781-7250
Doreen Liles Assistant to the Director SSS (918)781-7254
Randon Lowe Assistant Football Coach (918)781-7357 (918)685--762
Tom Maxwell Assistant Professor of Natural Resources & Tutor Coordinator (918)781-7372
Everette McAnally Associate Professor of School of Education (918)781-7268
Danny McBee Admissions Counselor (918)360-5031
Heather McBride Head Cheer & Dance Coach (918)781-7357 (918)360-3935
Bruce McDaniel Associate Professor of Accounting (918)781-7278
Mike McDaniels Facilities Manager (918)360-6432
Tammy McDaniels Director of Human Resources (918)781-7363
Jackie Mike Financial Aid Counselor (918)781-7336
Linda Milam Coordinator of Institutional Assessment Data (918)781-7247
Charles Moore Christian Ministries Recruiter (918)360-4649
Reba Morton Asst to Director of LBLWC & Workstudy (918)781-6215
Kim Needham Customer Service Representative: H and H (918)781-7215
Joshua Nichols Assistant to Athletic Director & Assistant Men's Basketball Coach (918)360-8619
Joanne Nilsson Admin Asst Faculty (918)781-7218
John Norwood, II Assistant Director of Admissions (918)360-2473
Brett Oleson Wrestling - Head Coach (918)781-7224 (918)685-0650
Misty Oleson Asst. Director of Financial Aid (918)781-7225
Dana Orange Assistant Director of DAE (918)781-7360 (918)360-3866
Taylor Paulson Assistant Softfall Coach (918)781-7357
John Pickens Assistant Athletic Director (918)360-3823
Darrin Prince Head Track Coach (918)781-7251 (918)310-6517
Jeanetta Rainwater Accountant (918)781-7338
Tony Ramos Assistant Baseball Coach (918)781-7357
Robert Duncan III Attorney-Advisor to the Executive Office (918)781-7330
Jeremy Richardson Assistant Football Coach (918)781-7357 (918)360-7615
Jacob Rodriguez Coach, Volleyball 918-685-0818
Trevor Rubly Head Coach Football & Defensive Coordinator (918)781-7207 (918)360-3189
Kenice Sanders Student Accounts (918)781-7211
Nick Saunders Head Golf Coach (918)781-7357 (918)360-6288
Becky Scott Tutor Coordinator (918)781-7353
Robbie Shay Head Women Basketball Coach (918)781-7286 (918)685-0669
Pat Spinks Receptionist (918)781-7216
Roseanna Spinks Manager/ Kiva (918)687-3299
Kim Steeley Human Resources Associate (918)781-7293
Ryon Steeley Head Rodeo Coach (918)781-7373 (918)685-0461
Linda Strange Associate Professor of Mathematics (918)781-7244
Kathy Street Director Annual Fund (918)781-7223
Peter Sullivan Professor of Chemistry & Chair of the Division of General Studies (918)781-7236
Jana Taylor Admissions Counselor (918)685-0814
Kyle Taylor American Indian Traditional Counselor and Retention Specialist (918)360-1085
Kyle S Taylor Director of Sports Information (918)360-2258
Marcia Taylor Admin Asst Pres/Asst Sec Board (918)781-7271
Tashana Taylor Head Women's Soccer Coach 918-781-7248 (918)360-3676
Jonathan Thomason Associate Dean of Faculty & Professor of Education (918)781-7228
Leroy Thompson Vice President for Christian Ministry (918)360-9694
Oliver Thompson Accountant (918)781-7245
Virginia Thompson Registrar (918)781-7275
Tony Tiger Assistant Professor & Director of Art (918)360-6462 (918)822-1402
John Timothy Cultural Interpreter (918)709-1059
Courtney Tudor Housing and Hospitality (918)781-7215
EJ Valentine Assist Football Coach (918)781-7210 (918)685-0710
Lauren Watson DAR Liaison (918)360-3689
Barry Weathers Assistant Professor of Agricultural Science (918)781-7240
James West Division Chair and Associate Professor of English (918)781-7249
Paige Wheeler Assistant Athletic Trainer (918)781-7204
Allen White Interim Division Chair and Director - Center for Online Teaching and Learning (918)781-7334
Elsie Whitehorn Recruiter (918)360-3617
Stephen Wiley Special Advisor to the President (918)360-3763
Camden Williams Maintenance Assistant (918)781-7300 (918)360-3656
Roderica Williams Director of Student Support Services (918)781-7259
Franklin K. Willis President (918)781-7216
John Winters Assistant Professor of Sports Recreation Management (918)781-7241
Wambli Win Associate Professor of Criminal Justice & Director of Stickland School of Tribal Law/Criminal Justice (918)781-7295
Kathy Yarberry Registrar Assistant (918)781-7401
Mustafa Yundem Vice President of Finance (918)781-7312