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Abraham, Jyoti Assistant Professor of Biology (918)781-7315 [email protected]
Adair, Michael Head Baseball Coach (918) 781-7237 [email protected]
Allen, Tim Head Lacrosse Coach 918-550-2147 [email protected]
Beesley, Brad Chief of Police (918)781-7450 [email protected]
Berrie, David Admissions Counselor, Cheer Coach (918) 360-5031 [email protected]
Blankenship, Mary Assoc. Prof & Dir of the RN to BSN Program (918) 281-7356 [email protected]
Brighton, Danielle Admin Asst. for Academic Affairs and CJS/ International Student Coordinator (918) 360-2808 [email protected]
Brown, Robert Executive Vice President & Dean of Faculty (918)781-7218
Brown, Cynthia Collections Supervisor (918) 781-7311 [email protected]
Bryant, DeVon Head Athletic Trainer (918) 360-5089 [email protected]
Burton, Wendy External Media Coordinator (918) 348-5868 [email protected]
Cagle, Josh Lead Graphic Designer (918)709-1067 [email protected]
Campbell, Hank Assistant Football Coach 918-781-7210 [email protected]
Chapman, Josh Math Specialist (918) 781-7353 [email protected]
Cole, Sarah Admissions Recruiter (918) 360-3870 [email protected]
Conine, Jeff Associate Professor of English (918)781-7227 [email protected]
Cooper, Rachael Head Women's Soccer Coach [email protected]
Cross, Devin Head Softball Coach (918)685-0427 [email protected]
Cummings, Tyrell Assistant Baseball Coach 918-781-7237 [email protected]
Dailey, Kandy Academic Affairs Coordinator (918)781-7213 [email protected]
Davis, Faye Executive Director, Betts Library (918) 685-0724 [email protected]
Dixon, Shawn Chair of Radiologic Sciences (918) 781-7317 [email protected]
Donelson, Frances Librarian (918) 360-6514 [email protected]
Drywater-Terhune, Shawnna Reception/Admissions Counselor (918) 360-4656 [email protected]
Dupree, Jeffrey Division Chair, School of Education (918) 781-7291 [email protected]
Ehlers, Jeff Information Tech Specialist (918) 781-7455 [email protected]
Ehlers, Chris Director Information Tech (918) 781-7233 [email protected]
Forrest, Carly Collections Officer (918) 781-7336 [email protected]
Foster, Alan Assistant Vice President Athletics & Head Men's Basketball (918) 781-7212 [email protected]
Gilliland, Kimberlie Executive Director of Development (918) 781-7226 [email protected]
Golunska, Joanna Assistant Professor of Business (918) 781-7232 [email protected]
Gordon, Aaron Assistant Track Coach [email protected]
Graham, Don Fleet Manager (918) 310-7493 [email protected]
Gulley, Beth Athletics Office Manager (918) 781-7357 [email protected]
Hale, William Division Chair and Associate Professor of Exercise Science (918) 781-7299 [email protected]
Hatfield, Stephen Assistant Men's Basketball Coach [email protected]
Henderson, Urshulla Payroll Clerk/Accounting Assistant (918) 781-7277 [email protected]
Holderby, Kindle Director of Student Life and Enrollment Management (918) 360-0202 [email protected]
Hopkins, Dustin Assistant Director of Student Life [email protected]
Innis, Danny Accountant (918) 781-7246 [email protected]
Jordan, Linda English Specialist (918) 781-7258 [email protected]
Kass, Cathy Director of Student Support Services Office phone: (918) 781-7394 Cell phone: (918) 360-8620 [email protected]
King, Patricia Interim Division Chair and Assistant Professor of American Indian Studies 918-360-6471 [email protected]
King, Jill Purchasing Clerk (918) 781-7345 [email protected]
La Cour, Rickey Accountant (918) 781-7338 [email protected]
Lawson, Russell Professor of History (918) 781-7250 [email protected]
Livingston, Lawrence Head Coach Football (918) 781-7357 [email protected]
Mason, Darryl Football Offensive Coordinator (918) 781-7364 [email protected]
Mayes, Clay Cross Country Coach (918) 781-7357 [email protected]
McBee, Danny Admissions Counselor (918)360-5031 [email protected]
McCurdy, Brian Head Men's Soccer Coach (918) 781-7267 [email protected]
Milam, Linda Coordinator of Institutional Assessment Data (918) 781-7247 [email protected]
Moore, Charles Christian Ministries Recruiter (918) 360-4649 [email protected]
Morton, Reba Financial Aid Director (918) 781-7294 [email protected]
Navas, Mireya Human Resources Administrator (918) 781-7362 [email protected]
Nichols, Joshua Head Women's Basketball Coach (918) 360-8619 [email protected]
Nichols, Blake Assistant Wrestling Coach 918-781-7224 [email protected]
Nilsson, Joanne Admin Asst. Academic Affairs (918) 781-7325 [email protected]
Nilsson, Adam Printshop Associate (918) 310-3050 [email protected]
Oleson, Brett Wrestling - Head Coach (918) 685-0650 [email protected]
Oleson, Misty Asst. Director of Financial Aid (918) 781-7225 [email protected]
Orange, Dana Online Learning Conceirge (918) 781-7370 or (918) 360-3866 [email protected]
Osborne, Dawn Bookstore Manager (918) 781-7281 [email protected]
Pickens, John Assistant Athletic Director/Head Track Coach (918) 360-3823 [email protected]
Police, Campus 918-781-7200
Ragsdale, Michael Financial Aid Counselor (918) 781-7296 [email protected]
Rainwater, Jeanetta Director of Human Resources (918) 781-7362 [email protected]
Rangel, Marissa Head Volleyball Coach (918) 685-0818 [email protected]
Reppond, Marsha Accounts Payable Clerk (918) 781-7206 [email protected]
Sanders, Kenice Student Accounts (918) 781-7211 [email protected]
Schwab, Lauren DAR Liaison (918) 360-3689 [email protected]
Seitz, Tara Special Events Director 918-781-7221 [email protected]
Shaffer, Gail Registrar Assistant (918) 781-7401 [email protected]
Sikora, Andrew Executive Director of Media Center (918) 781-7269 [email protected]
Spinks, Pat Receptionist (918) 781-7216 [email protected]
Spinks, Roseanna Alumni Services Representatve (918) 781-7221 [email protected]
Steria, Sara Assistant Athletic Trainier [email protected]
Strange, Linda Associate Professor of Mathematics (918) 781-7244 [email protected]
Sullivan, Peter Professor of Chemistry (918) 781-7236 [email protected]
Taylor, Marcia Admin Asst. Pres./Asst. Sec. Board (918) 781-7271 [email protected]
Taylor, Kyle Retention Specialist (918) 360-1085 [email protected]
Thomason, Jonathan Associate Dean of Faculty & Professor of Education (918) 781-7228 [email protected]
Thompson, Leroy W. Vice President Christian Ministry & Assistant Professor of Religion (918) 360-9694 [email protected]
Thompson, Oliver Accountant and Rodeo Coach (918) 781-7245 [email protected]
Thompson, Virginia Registrar (918) 781-7275 [email protected]
Timothy, John Cultural Interpreter (918) 687-3299 [email protected]
Tudor, Courtney Admin Assistant to Student Life and Fleet (918) 781-6215 [email protected]
West, James Division Chair and Associate Professor of English (918) 781-7249 [email protected]
White, Allen Director - Center for Online Teaching and Learning (918) 781-7334 [email protected]
Wiley, Stephen Christian Ministry (918) 360-3763 [email protected]
Willis, Franklin President (918) 781-7216
Win, Wambli Associate Professor of Criminal Justice & Director of Stickland School of Tribal Law/Criminal Justice (918) 709-1061 [email protected]
Wind, Garnet Director of Bridge Programs (918) 360-7604 [email protected]
Winters, John Assistant Professor of Sports Recreation Management (918) 781-7241 [email protected]
Yundem, Mustafa Vice President of Finance (918) 781-7312
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