About the Center for American Indians


The Center for American Indians (CAI) at Bacone College coordinates American Indian scholarships, cultural programs, and supports American Indian academic programs and degrees.  The Center seeks to further preserve the American Indian collections at Bacone College and conduct research related to those collections and American Indian education.  Additionally, the Center for American Indians receives institutional administrative support as Bacone College continues to meet its historic educational mission with American Indians.  The Center supports the American Indian Studies Program and anticipates the development of an American Indian Museum Sciences Degree and a four-year degree in Art with an American Indian concentration.  The Center will publish the Indian University Journal, develop the Ataloa Lodge Museum, support the Native American Student Association and the American Indian Science and Engineering Society organizations, expand the Kiva (home of the Center for American Indians) and develop Alumni relations.

The Center for American Indians (CAI) provides:


The Center for American Indians attracts interest, energy, funding, faculty, staff and students around our expanding American Indian programs and collections.  The CAI promotes creative energy for our primary and historic mission of higher education with American Indians.  The Center will also validate the Native Voice as the Privileged Voice on Bacone's Campus.  The CAI is comprised of several components that reflect both the American Indian Collections and Programs of Bacone College.


Interim Director
Program Directors  (two)
Assistant Program Director
Cultural Club Coordinator
Cultural Interpreter
Executive Administrative Assistant
Kiva/Museum Gift Shop Manager   

Institutional Support

Bacone College has at its heart this primary and historic mission of higher education with American Indians. The following offices will provide the Center and its programs with appropriate administrative support for:

Academic Division

AI Studies - Four-Year Degree
Art Degree with AI Concentration (future) - Four-Year Degree
AI Museum Sciences (future) - Four-Year Degree

Indian University Journal

Published each term:  Fall, Spring, and Summer
Edited by the Director of the Center and published by Indian University Press in both E-Format and at Cafe'Press.

Cultural Collections

Ataloa Lodge Museum
Bacone College American Indian Art Collection
Bacone College American Indian Research Library

Cultural Programs

American Indian Learning Work Community Program
American Indian Students of Promise Program
American Indian Cultural Clubs (five)

Cultural Relations

Kiva (the gathering place for American Indians)
NASA (Native American Student Association)
AISES (American Indian Science and Engineering Society)

Alumni Relations

Specific programs for American Indian Alumni
Specific outreach to American Indian Alumni
Special events for American Indian Alumni to interact with American Indian Students