Tech Support

The Bacone College Student Tech Support is still in the process of being updated. Please check back soon for tutorials and help with Bacone Technology.

Tech. Support will be available on Monday & Tuesday evenings from 4:00 - 7:00 PM at the library in the Palmer Center.

-Areas of support will include basic computer skills, Open Office, wireless connectivity (how to configure your laptop) & some Moodle support.

NO computer repair issues, Please.

Computer Help

As a college student in 2010, having good computer skills is more than convenient, it is necessary. At Bacone, we have modems in our dorm rooms, multiple computer labs and wireless access available to all students. We want each student here to be able to take advantage of these resources. Some students may need to learn some basic computer skills in order to be the best student they can. We will do our best to ensure that every Bacone student is equipped with the right computer skills to succeed. In this section you will find helpful information in the area of computer help/skill building.


Logging into Moodle:

  • User name - Your username is a combination of the first four characters of your last name followed by the last four digits of your student number. If your last name is Briggs and your student number ends in 1504, then your username is brig1504.
  • Password - Once you are asked to set your own password, write it down!
    If you forget or simply do not know it Just click the help me login button, below. It will send an email with your password to the email address in your Moodle profile

Logging into student email.

Go to, and

  1. Click the link for student email on the left hand side.
  2. On the next screen, enter your username as the first four letters of your last name and last four numbers of your student id. If you arecannot remember your password, you will need to submit a helpdesk ticket.

What is Open Office?

Open Office is an alternative to Microsoft Office. It is completely free and offers everything that Microsoft does. You can hardly tell the difference (if at all). Most computers at Bacone College use Open Office instead of Microsoft Office, so it is good to be comfortable using it. Because Open Office is free, you can put it on your own computer whenever you want to and begin using it instead of Word, Excel, PowerPoint Access & even Publisher. When you start to use Open Office, **follow the directions on how to save your files.**