Social Networking Policy


The purpose of this document is to establish a standard for use and creation of social network accounts representing Bacone College.


Social Network: Any website or program used to communicate and share information with people around the world. IE(,,, etc)

Personal Account: Any account or blog opened on a social network that has not been created through Bacone's social network creation process. See guidelines below.


Bacone realizes that social networks are a great tool for online promotion of Bacone and Bacone entities. Bacone has established web outlets for those seeking to find a way to promote a Bacone entity through social networks.
If you are seeking to create a social network you must follow the following procedure:

  1. Send an email to [email protected] with the following information included:
    -  Detailed reason for request
    -  Name of entity to be represented
    -  How you intend to use the social network
  2. Your request will be processed and you will be notified of your requests approval or denial
  3. Upon approval, an account will be set up by the Director of Web Design and your will be set up as a user on the account. ALL OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS MUST BE ESTABLISHED BY THE DIRECTOR OF WEB DESIGN.


  1. Personal accounts can not officially represent Bacone.
  2. The creation of personal accounts unofficially representing Bacone is discouraged and should
    have clear disclaimers stating that the views expressed by the author(s) on the in account are the author?s alone and do not represent the views of Bacone. Be clear and write in first person. Make your writing clear that you are speaking for yourself and not on behalf of Bacone.
  3. Information published on your personal accounts should comply with Bacone's confidentiality and disclosure of proprietary data policies. This also applies to comments posted on other blogs, forums, and social networking sites.
  4. Be respectful to Bacone, other employees, customers, partners, and competitors.
  5. Social Networking activities should not interfere with work commitments.
  6. Your online presence reflects Bacone. Be aware that your actions captured via images, posts, or comments can reflect that of our school.
  7. Respect copyright laws, and reference or cite sources appropriately. Plagiarism applies online as well.
  8. Company logos and trademarks may not be used without written consent.


Bacone reserves the right to modify these terms at any time without prior notification. A notification of all modifications will be published with a campus wide email. By continuing to be an employee of Bacone, you signify your agreement to be bound by the terms.