Network Usage Policy


The purpose of this policy is to ensure a reliable information infrastructure that promotes the basic mission of Bacone College. As with any activity within the college community, authorized information resource users are expected to be aware of the rights of others to privacy and to protection of their intellectual property This Policy codifies what is considered appropriate use of Bacone College's information resources. Access to and on-going use of a computer is required for all students to complete their degree programs successfully.  This policy assures reliable access to all members of the campus community.


This policy applies to Bacone College students, faculty, staff and to others granted use of Bacone’s information resources.  It governs the use of information resources whether individually controlled or shared, stand-alone or networked. It applies to all electronic information, audio-visual and communication resources owned, leased, operated or contracted by the College, including the network, personal computers, workstations, servers, associated peripherals and software. The College does not exist in isolation from other communities, jurisdictions and their laws. The College may be required by law to provide records or other information related to those records or related to the use of information resources.

Information Systems Integrity

Users of information resources must not access computers, software, data or information or networks without proper authorization, or intentionally enable others to do so. Defects discovered in a system’s security must be reported to the Information Technology office, to initiate the appropriate action.

Any user who has been authorized to use a password-protected account may be subject to both civil and criminal liability if that user discloses the password or otherwise makes the account available to others without permission of the system administrator.

Intellectual Property Protection

Sharing copyrighted material without permission is a violation of the law.  This copyrighted material includes, but is not limited to, music, movies or software applications.  Those who engage in illegal sharing or copyrighted information are subject to disciplinary and/or legal action. Copied material must be properly attributed. Computer and communications information that is plagiarized is subject to the same sanctions as to any other medium.


Bacone College recognizes an obligation to respect the privacy of the individual.  The college pledges appropriate efforts to ensure the privacy of an individual’s electronic information, including files and electronic mail.  In the event that this information is compromised (“hacked”), the college will notify effected individuals.  With reasonable cause for suspicion, the college reserves the right to monitor any and all aspects of the system to determine if an individual is acting in violation of these policies or of the law.

User Responsibilities

Resource users must respect the rights of other users.  Resource users must not encroach on others' access and use of the College's information resources or attempt to access private or restricted portions of systems without proper authorization. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • sending fraudulent, harassing, obscene, threatening or other messages in violation of applicable federal, state or other law or College policy through electronic communication facilities
  • the sending of unsolicited mail
  • printing or electronically distributing excess copies of documents;
  • unauthorized modification of system facilities, operating systems, or disk partitions;
  • attempting to crash or tie up a College computer or network;
  • damaging or vandalizing College computing facilities, equipment, software or files.
  • unauthorized access to data files or programs belonging to others.

Attempts to circumvent security in order to gain access to the system or to another person's information are a violation of the College policy and may violate applicable law. Users must remember that information distributed through the College's network is a form of publishing, and some of the publications' guidelines may apply. Its students, faculty and staff represent the College.  Appropriate language, behavior and style are warranted. College information resources should be used for appropriate College functions as permitted under other policies of the College or with the approval of a College officer having the authority to give such approval.

User Procedures

Access to the Information Technology resources available to Bacone College students requires the usage of a username and password uniquely assigned to each user.  Each student will be assigned username/passwords to access each of the following:

  • Bacone College network computers
  • Moodle (Bacone’s course management tool)
  • Student email.

To request access to this information, all users should complete the IT User Access Application form.

Using Your Computer on the Bacone Network

Bacone College is pleased to offer access to the college network to its students.  Access is available at a number of cybercafes, using the wireless access points and in all Student Housing units.  In order to assure reliable service to all users, Bacone College requires that the following software be installed on all computers accessing the college network:

  • A personal firewall
  • A virus protection program with an active update procedure
  • Spyware protection programs

A connection to the college network will be provided only after it is shown that these products are installed.  Service will be terminated if these products are no longer active.

Consequences of Violations

Cooperation is expected. If these policies have been violated, corrective action may be necessary.

  • Students in violation will be referred to the Student Affairs Office.
  • Faculty will be referred to the appropriate academic official.
  • Other College employees will be referred to the department head or appropriate member of the college’s senior staff.
  • Individuals, who are not members of the Bacone College community, may be referred to the appropriate law enforcement official.