Spoken Language Performance

The spoken language category involves stories, narratives, skits, puppet shows and original spoken language. Performances can include song, but if music is a major part of the performance, please register under either modern song or traditional song categories as appropriate.

This is a live category. You must be pre-registered and present to perform and to receive awards.

Suggestions for preparing for the ONAYALF:

  • Pre-register online
  • Focus on Native language use
  • Keep a five-minute time limit (plus two minutes for set-up and exiting the stage)
  • Use props, costumes and Native regalia

Guidelines for your ONAYALF performance:

Please do not:

  • Use scripts, notes or cheat-sheets
  • Speak in English
  • Have teachers on stage
  • Use food, animals or organic materials (grass, bark, leaves) in the performance

Judges will consist of the following: a panel of at least three elders, Native language teachers, and/or Native speakers. Performances will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Amount of Native American language used-points added for the use of Native language, deducted for use of English
  • Ease and comfort of language use
  • Presentation and poise of performance
  • Spirit of performance

You must pre-register to receive t-shirts and awards. Please do so as early as possible. 

  • Limited rehearsal space is available. This space is shared with other groups.
  • Contact us if you're concerned about whether your props and regalia count as "organic."
  • Group sizes and performance venues are subject to change based on registered entries.
  • Students performing in multiple categories may experience scheduling conflicts. We try to avoid this, but help us out and let us know if you see a potential problem.
  • Questions? Comments? Help? Contact [email protected] or 918-781-7260.