Film/Video/PowerPoint Category

Participants are invited to send in original film or video creations, including PowerPoint presentations, that are in a Native American language or about Native American language. This category encourages the use of Native American languages in new formats. Submissions may include documentary films/videos, animation of traditional or new stories and short dramatic film/videos, or PowerPoint presentations.

**If you choose to submit a Powerpoint presentation as a live performance, you would follow the guidelines for Spoken Performance. If you want to submit a PowerPoint without a live performance, you would follow the same guidelines as outlined here.

Suggestions for preparing for the ONAYALF:

  • Pre-register online- You must pre-register to receive t-shirts and awards. Please do so as early as possible.
  • Awards will be presented at the film screening, but you don't have to be present to win
  • Make sure you keep a copy of your video just in case there are problems with delivery.
  • Complete the Material Submissions Form; send it in with your playable DVD
  • Do the scripting, filming and editing yourself
  • Speak in English or use English sub-titles if the entire film is spoken in your Native language
  • Keep a ten-minute time limit (including the opening and closing credits)
  • Entries that do not include Native language will not be screened and are not eligible for prizes.

Guidelines for your ONAYALF performance:

Please do not:

  • Exceed the 10-minute time limit or your entry will not be eligible for prizes
  • Include copyrighted characters (such as Disney, etc.) will be disqualified. We cannot judge or display these submissions.
  • Avoid copyright infringement.
  • For Film/Video/Powerpoint please upload your video to Vimeo and paste the url to the video in the Material Submission Form.

All material submissions must be received on or before the material submissions deadline posted on the website for pre-judging. Please follow the instructions on the Material Submission Form.

A panel of at least 3 elders, Native language teachers and/or Native filmmakers will judge films on these criteria:

  • Amount of Native language used
  • Creativity and effort
  • Quality of video. It's better to focus on Native language use than to worry about flashy video effects.
  • Material submissions are pre-judged before the Fair. Each participant(s) must complete the Material Submission Form to explain more about the video and its personal significance for the filmmaker(s)

You must pre-register to receive t-shirts and awards. Please do so as early as possible.

Students performing in multiple categories may experience scheduling conflicts. We try to avoid this, but help us out and let us know if you see a potential problem.

Questions? Comments? Help? Contact [email protected] or 918-781-7260.