Participants are invited to send in original film or video creations, including PowerPoint presentations, that are in a Native American language or about Native American language. This category encourages the use of Native American languages in new formats. Submissions may include documentary films/videos, animation of traditional or new stories and short dramatic film/videos, or PowerPoint presentations.

Written and Spoken Poetry

The Poetry category, both Written and Spoken, is a unique category, involving either a live performances and/or a Material submission.

Native Language Advocacy Essay

Native American Language Advocacy essays emphasis the importance of Native American languages. Many entries contain introductions, sentences or words in the author's Native language, but this essay should be primarily in English. The Fair encourages participants to be aware of the issues surrounding language loss, how language loss is effecting Native communities both nationally and locally, and how to be language advocates for their communities.

Modern Song

Modern song, as opposed to traditional song, includes original songs, popular music, rap or hip-hop and other types of song that creatively use language in non-traditional ways. Singing in Native languages has always been a tradition, but singing modern songs inspires Native language use in diverse social arenas and formats.

Spoken Language

The spoken language category involves stories, narratives, skits, puppet shows and original spoken language. Performances can include song, but if music is a major part of the performance, please register under either modern song or traditional song categories as appropriate.

Spoken Prayer

The spoken prayer category, as opposed to spoken language, involves prayers, blessings, traditional speech and quotations from elders and ancestors that inspire solemn reverence.

Traditional Song

Traditional song, as opposed to modern song, includes hymns, anthems, children's songs, folk songs and other types of songs sung in a traditional manner. These songs inspire solemn reverence, bolster customs and link singers to their heritages. Singing in Native languages preserves traditions and transmits oral history.