The Ancient Path

To Wisdom and Enlightenment


The Original Science, Art, and Humanity


The Excitement of Studying the Past--

The Conquerors, Philosophers, Statesmen, Scientists

Who Changed the World...Forever.

Earn a Bachelor of Arts in History at Bacone College!

Historians are:

Scholars, Writers, Teachers, Consultants, Editors, Researchers, Adventurers, Explorers, Cartographers, Geographers, Economists, Political Scientists, Legislators, Presidential Candidates, even Presidents!

Such as Theodore Roosevelt, who was all of the above.


 The BA in History can be earned in as little as 3 years!

For more information, email Dr. Russell Lawson or speak with him at CCH room 140 on campus or call 9187817250.

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The BA in history at Bacone provides a challenging educational experience in the history and culture of peoples throughout the world, focusing in particular on indigenous peoples, the history of the United States and Europe, the history of non-western cultures, and the history of thought, religion, culture, and society.

The study of history provides an important foundation for an educated person who pursues lifelong learning, provides an important basis for personal philosophy, and provides tools for success in a variety of careers.

The BA in History is a liberal arts degree that helps students learn how to think, ask questions, seek answers, and develop analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills.

A degree in history prepares students to engage in graduate level work in history or related fields such as political science, law, and museum studies; for careers in the public and private sectors; and for careers that require thoughtful, analytical, and articulate people.