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Division of American Indian Studies

The Division of American Indian Studies offers both the Bachelor of Arts and Associate of Arts degree in American Indian Studies. The Bachelor's degree offers a core liberal arts curriculum built around courses in American Indian history, culture and literature. Those courses build basic skills in critical and analytic reading, writing, and speaking. The curriculum also promotes students' career interests by offering a series of courses dealing with contemporary issues in American Indian communities—health, education, governance, environment, arts, and museum studies. Students will also be required to do an internship that complements coursework. The specialized courses and internship are intended to prepare students with a career plan that they can pursue after graduation.

The Division of American Indian Studies works closely with the Center for American Indians to support culturally appropriate academic and cultural enrichment programs for American Indian students. The degree programs, however, are open to all students at Bacone college.

The activities sponsored by the American Indian Center provide academic enrichment and social support activities for all American Indian students, both those who choose majors in American Indian Studies or other academic programs at Bacone.

After students have been admitted to Bacone College and completed 30 hours of coursework with at least a 2.0 average, they may apply for admission to the American Indian Studies Division.

Associate of Arts in American Indian Studies

Bacone College initiated studies of traditional American Indian thought and culture in 1932. From that beginning a variety of courses have been integrated into a n interdisciplinary major drawing from the curriculum of the college in nearly all academic areas. These include, but are not limited to, Indian Art, American Indian Humanities, Tribal Languages (Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw & Pawnee), and American Indian Tribal Government. Bacone also offers a variety of other courses dealing with American Indian Studies such as Contemporary American Indian Affairs, and Special Studies in American Indian Studies courses which change from year to year, but are noted in the Class Schedule. The Associate of Arts Degree program promotes students' acquisition of basic skills in critical and analytic reading, writing, and speaking.

Articulated Associate of Arts in American Indian Studies Program with Pawnee Nation College

For over 130 years, Bacone College's mission has been to meet the higher education needs of American Indians in an environment emphasizing cultural diversity and Christian community. Beginning in 2007, Pawnee Nation College (PNC) started a dialogue with the administration of Bacone College regarding the development of a collaborative relationship that would serve both entities and their students. PNC is currently in the process of applying for accreditation status with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) as an associates-level institution. In the interim, they have asked that we enter into an agreement with them whereby, select courses in both institutions' associates- level programs in American Indian Studies (AIS) would be cross-listed and open to dual-enrollment. Both campuses have gone through the internal approval processes that created a Letter of Intent, followed by a Memorandum of Understanding, and culminating in an Articulation Agreement that specifies the details of the collaboration. The latter document was carefully prepared utilizing the HLC's Good Practices in Contractual Arrangements Involving Courses and Programs guidelines. This collaboration became effective in the fall of 2010. In the spring of 2011, HLC approved Bacone's application to establish Pawnee Nation College as a degree location site for its AA in AIS and BA in AIS degree programs. This approval allows BC to offer all of the courses associated with these two programs at the PNC location. Because of the unique nature of this collaboration with PNC, a special articulated degree plan sheet for the AA in AIS has been created that guides and informs students regarding courses taken at the PNC site that count towards this degree. Contact the Division of American Indian Studies or the Division of Adult Education for a copy of this degree plan.

Admission Requirements

Graduation from an accredited high school (or its equivalent) with a satisfactory scholastic record; Minimum - ACT composite score of 18 or a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in a minimum of twenty (20) college credits applying toward the AA in AIS degree. Introduction to American Indian Studies should have been completed with a grade of "C" or better within the five (5) years prior to admission to fulfill degree requirements.