Mission Statement and Assurance

The Ataloa Lodge Museum at Bacone College strives to provide an inclusive learning environment–for the Indian and non-Indian student body and community–of American Indian/Alaskan Native history and culture.

To do this, all museum items are displayed with strict adherence to relevant tribal traditions. If there is any doubt about how an item should be treated, appropriate tribal leaders are always consulted.
Further, all authentic gift shop items to be sold are labeled as American Indian handmade in accordance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990.

In addition to its community presence, Ataloa
Lodge Museum is active in educational outreach. This outreach emphasizes American Indian/Alaskan Native culture in today’s historical context that often links Bacone College’s history as an American Indian boarding school supported by the American Baptist Church and povided 160 acres of land by the Muscogee Creek Nation.

About Bacone College
Bacone College began as The Indian University in 1880 and was renamed after its founder and first president, Almon C. Bacone. Today, Bacone is a four-year college that retains tradition with the American Baptist Church and the education of American Indian students.