Below are links to websites and organizations that offer scholarships that could be applied towards cost of attendance at Bacone College. Please check back periodically for more scholarship opportunities. Also, please take note of any deadlines that exist with the scholarships listed below.

Udall Foundation and  Internship and Scholarship programs for American Indian and Alaska Native students:
Free and highly informative scholarship webinars:
Questions are highly encouraged, and the answers provided in these info sessions will aid you in your application.

Frontier Communications: Save the Internet Scholarship - In little more than twenty-five years, the Internet has become so ubiquitous that it's hard to imagine life without it. However, as our Internet dependence grows, the threats poised to the Internet and its users are increasing at an alarming rate.
1. What is the biggest existential threat to the internet today? 2. What are the consequences of ignoring the issue? 3. What would you do to fix the problem? 
The last day to submit an entry is December 17, 2015. Entries will be judged on thoughtfulness of essay answer.