Borrowing Policies

Students, faculty, and staff are able to check out books and media for personal use. The circulation type has been predetermined and specific borrowing periods are assigned to the various circulation types. Upon check-out, patrons will be informed as to when the item is due and the fines assessed if returned late. Late fees accrue at 10 cents per day and once an item is overdue for 15 days, the patron's account is suspended until the item is returned.  You must present your student, faculty or staff ID to check out any materials.  

Reserve Text Book Policy

Specific items are prohibited from leaving the library. Any student that wishes to use a reserve item must leave their student ID at the circulation desk. Sorry - There are no exceptions to this policy – no ID = no borrowing rights for reserve items (or computer use!) Only a Bacone student ID is permitted to check out reserve items. Reserve items are restricted to a borrowing period of one to two hours – depending upon the demand for the item.  Only a select number of courses have books on reserve – so, it is important that you purchase your textbooks early.  Reserve textbooks do not leave the library!

Faculty Reserve Policy

Faculty may put specific items on reserve in the library.   Use of the item may be determined by the faculty member or the Reserve Text Book Policy.  Faculty that require materials held in the Bacone College collection and want their students to have access to the materials on reserve must stop by the library and speak with David L McMillan – Student Assistants will not be able to accept or process any faculty requests for reserve items.  Should faculty wish to supplement their course materials with items from their personal collection, please email [email protected] for the procedures.