Betts Library accepts donations in monetary and book forms. We reserve the right to accept and refuse donations if they do not meet the needs of the Mission of the College. All donations must go through the Development Office, (918) 781-7271. Any donations sent directly to the Library will be redirected to Development for approval of acceptance. Materials offered as donations will be turned down or current materials will be deaccessioned if they do not fall within the guidelines of the collections policy. Potential donors of such materials will be directed to more appropriate depositories. Materials to be deaccessioned are considered property of the College and can be disposed of in ways deemed appropriate by the Executive Director of the Library system.

   The Merritt D. Betts Library System is here to serve the needs of the faculty, students and staff. The policies and procedures outlined above are subject to change at the discretion of the Executive Director of the Library or as deemed necessary by the President or Executive Vice-President of the College. Please direct all inquires to [email protected].