D’Elbie Walker, Community Engagement and Health Program Manager for the Muskogee County Department of Health speaks to students on the importance of wearing masks and getting vaccinated against COVID.


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Muskogee, Okla. – August 31, 2021:  Bacone continues to promote health and safety in both learning and work environments through the implementation of a new COVID policy. The policy provides prevention strategies aimed at keeping the College community, as well as the surrounding communities safe and healthy.

“We are educating our students and employees about Covid-19 and its multiple variants,” said Dr. Ferlin Clark, Bacone College president. “At the same time, through partners who are donating masks and sanitizers, health experts from the Muskogee County Health Department provided information as well as vaccination opportunities that protect us from the Covid virus.”

The Muskogee County Health Department provided students and staff with the opportunity to receive a COVID shot, as well as had staff on hand to answer questions that might be presented while on campus.

“Joan Lange, RN Communicable Disease Nurse, Muskogee County Health Department and I both are aware that vaccine intake and intent is lowest among those in the age group of 18-35, “said D’Elbie Walker, Community Engagement and Health Program Manager for Muskogee County Health Department. “So this opportunity for us to present health information is something that we take very seriously.”

During their talk with Bacone staff and students Walker and her staff delivered COVID education: steps to take for prevention, vaccine updates and what to do if you are positive or if you have been exposed to COVID.

“Assisting with the health of the students at Bacone College is very important to me because I work in the healthcare field and as a Choctaw Citizen. Also, we are very appreciative of our ongoing collaboration with Dr. Clark,” she said. “We plan to continue offering testing and vaccine opportunities to students and staff.”

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Pictured (L-R): Joan Lange, Coordinating Nurse, Muskogee County Health Department; D’elbie Walker, Community Engagement and Health Program Manager, Muskogee County Department of Health; Dr. Ferlin Clark, Bacone College President