Student Life Sports

The Bacone College Student Life Sports department was created in 2017 to oversee the college's athletics programs that are not participating in the NCAA. The majority of these programs compete at the highest level of their respective national and conference organizations.

Olympic Weightlifting

Weightlifting was one of the sports in the original Olympic Games in 1896 and has been a regular event in every Olympics since 1920. In 2000 women's weightlifting was competed for the first time in the Olympics. Today, there are eight weight classes for men and seven for women. Collegiate weightlifting is a year-round sport with the biggest event being the National Collegiate Championships which take place in April.


The earliest known video game competition took place on 19 October 1972 at Stanford University for the game “Spacewar”. Stanford students were invited to an "Intergalactic spacewar olympics" whose grand prize was a year's subscription for Rolling Stone.  eSports (also known as electronic sports, esports, e-sports, competitive(computer) gaming, or pro gaming) are a form of competition that is facilitated by electronic systems; the input of players and teams as well as the output of the eSports system are mediated by human-computer interfaces. CESPA is the leading organization in this field promoting conference competitions amongst colleges, leading to a spot to compete in the national championship. Bacone College will be one of the pilot schools, and one of the only schools in Oklahoma offering this sport.


Lacrosse may have been developed as early as 1100 AD among indigenous peoples on the North American continent. By the seventeenth century, it was well-established. The game has undergone many modification since that time. The first U.S. Intercollegiate game was played on November 22, 1877 between New York University and Manhattan College. Lacrosse is a contact sport and consist of two teams with 10 players on the field from each team. Bacone College will field a team to compete with other colleges and universities from Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas.


Rugby is a type of football developed at Ruby School in Ruby, Warwickshire, one of many versions of football played at English public schools in the 19 century. Rugby games consist of two teams with 15 players from each team on the field at one time. The timing rules for rugby are two 45 minute halves. During the summer there are 7s tournaments (7vs7), with two 7 minute halves. Bacone College will schedule matches with colleges and universities from Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. Josh Hewitt will be the Head Coach for Bacone College. Coach Hewitts experience started in college where he played varsity rugby for 2 years. After college he played for the competitive Tulsa, OK Men's Rugby team, where he is currently a senior memember.

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