DAR Portrait Donation

February 22, 2010

Ataloa Lodge Museum was the place to be on Friday, February 19, 2010. Bacone College President, Dr. Duncan with students, staff and faculty welcomed members of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Daughters of 1812. 

Ms. Clara Lafferty of the Oklahoma City DAR Chapter presented Dr. Duncan with a portrait of Charles Journeycake. Ms. Lafferty did the painting herself as a graduate art project at Oklahoma City University.  She graciously donated it to Bacone. The painting was amazing and Bacone College is honored she chose this institution as the recipient. Together, OKDAR and 1812 had the opportunity to share in the portrait presentation at the Ataloa Lodge.

The Oklahoma City Chapter enjoyed a tour of the campus with Ms. Roseanna Spinks. And the ladies of 1812 were on campus to tour the Museum with Mr. John Timothy. This gave us a chance to share the Bacone Story to many of the ladies that had never been to our historical campus. The ladies were able to visit with students and faculty and learn more about our rich history and culture.

Ms. Ruth Faulkner, President of Private Jacob Holley Chapter of Tulsa and Second Vice President for the state set up this gathering since her chapter was hosting a meeting in Muskogee.  She is Cherokee herself and a Muskogee native.  There were a few ladies there that were members of both 1812 and DAR; Ms. Mary Duffe, OKDAR State Regent, past President of OKC Chapter 1812, Honorary State President, current historian national and state parliamentarian for Talley/Chotkey; Ms. Janice Gunn, OKC Chapter member and a state officer for 1812 and Ms. Donna Talley, the State President for 1812 and Chapter Regent of Union Mission Chapter in Pryor for DAR.