130 Years of Excellence

February 10, 2010

founderday.jpgThere was a feeling of calm across campus on the morning of February 9, 2010.  The crisp Oklahoma air in the early morning hours lent itself to something difficult to explain unless you experienced it, but something very real just the same.  On this day, Bacone College would celebrate events that happened 130 years before.  As students, faculty, staff, administration, and guests gathered in the Chapel for what would begin the day-long celebration of how far we had come, you could only imagine what Almon C. Bacone would be thinking.  If you can envision Bacone’s own summarization of his life’s work and his goals for Bacone College, when he wrote, “A Christian school planted in the midst of a people becomes one of the most powerful agencies in the work of civilization.”

The weekly Bacone Hour on February 9, 2010 began with a replay of the infamous Bacone Glee Club from the 1954 Ed Sullivan Show.  As Floyd Jones addressed those in attendance, he remembered how others had commented that the Bacone Choir should feel honored to be in the same company as Elvis Presley and The Beatles as guests on the show.  He said he had always felt however, that Elvis and The Beatles should be the ones that felt honored to be in the midst Bacone Glee Club.

Following the introductions and prayer, those attending enjoyed performances by the Bacone College Praise and Worship Team, the Bacone Gospel Choir, and the Bacone Indian Song and Drum Team.  One could only feel that we had grown so much in our diversity, yet we have maintained our focus, just as the founding fathers had.  Again, when the drum team performed the prayer in their native tongue, those attending could sense the pride and power of what was being accomplished on that hillside in the Creek Nation 130 year’s prior.

Many local dignitaries, including Mayor John Tyler Hammons who presented President Duncan with an official Mayor’s Proclamation naming February 9, 2010 as Bacone Founders Day in the City of Muskogee, attended the luncheon that followed Bacone Hour at Wacoche Hall.  Others who joined President Duncan and the campus community to celebrate our achievement, were local business leaders, tribal representatives, Daughters of the American Revolution and Alumni.

Roseanna Spinks, Manager of the KIVA, gave a brief presentation on the history of Bacone, while John Timothy and Sandra Peters entertained with flute music and song.  Guest Speaker Rev. Wil Brown shared his thoughts about how far Bacone College has come, and how in his travels, he can always find someone who has a connection with the school. 

As the luncheon came to a close, and Dustin Cozad, Student Senate President gave the benediction, we look forward to the next 130 years.  Bacone College means so many things to so many people; all with one common thread…their love of something much larger than themselves.