"Marking the Jesus Road" by Russell Lawson is now available for purchase through Ecampus.
About the Book: 
Marking the Jesus Road: Bacone College through the Years is a rich and fascinating history. The story is told of the 135 years of Bacone College, the oldest college in Oklahoma. Historian Russell M. Lawson describes how for over a century Bacone College has worked to bring the Gospel message to American Indians and others in Oklahoma. The book highlights the contributions of students to the intellectual environment of this small college in Muskogee, Oklahoma.
About the Author: 
Russell M. Lawson, Ph.D., is Professor of History at Bacone College, a Fulbright Scholar, and author of over a dozen books.
Purchase It!: 
Marking the Jesus Road is 329-page illustrated paperback. To purchase the book for $19.99, visit the Bacone College Bookstore at 2299 Old Bacone Road. Go to http://www.bacone.edu/student-life/bookstore/ for more information on the bookstore.
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