Indian University Press exists to provide a publishing medium for authors who seek to publish good prose, literature, scholarship, and college texts that conform to the mission of Bacone College, which provides a liberal arts education in a caring Christian environment for a wide variety of students, especially American Indians.

The Editorial Board of Indian University Press will consider nonfiction and fiction manuscripts from authors who have

--a regional (eastern Oklahoma, western Arkansas) focus,

--or a focus on American Indian affairs,

--or have a unique point of view on higher education, history, the social sciences, or the humanities,

--or have a text that fits the Bacone College curriculum.


Submission Guidelines - Submit all nonfiction and fiction submissions accordingly below. You will need to save all files for upload into a .pdf format. Please do not submit entire works here, rather a synopsis and chapter preview will suffice.         

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Book Release Event

Indian University Press announces the publication of three new books:

  • Frontier Metropolises: Tulsa, Indian Territory, and Tel Aviv, Palestine—by Benjamin Lawson
  • The Book with the Beacon Lights—by Shaun Perkins
  • Frag’s—by Jeff Conine

On September 14 at 6:30 in Wacoche Hall on the Bacone Campus, the three authors will be present to read from their books and sign copies.

Refreshments will be served!

Please join us for this event!

Newly Published

Frontier Metropolises: Tulsa, Indian Territory, and Tel Aviv, Palestine, by Benjamin Lawson

Tel Aviv, established 1909, and Tulsa, incorporated 1898, were the centers of Western-style settlement in Palestine and Indian Territory before these areas became today’s Israel and Oklahoma. The ideologies of Zionism and Manifest Destiny played a huge role in justifying the European-Jewish takeover of land in Palestine and American control of the interior of North America. Tel Aviv and Tulsa’s self-consciously Modern” style -- e.g. Bauhaus buildings, skyscrapers, streets laid out on a grid system – was the physical manifestation of their founders’ desire to proclaim the success of their settlement projects to the rest of the world. Benjamin A Lawson (Ph.D. The University of Iowa) is a native of Oklahoma and researched Tel Aviv as part of his dissertation. He currently teaches at Bacone College in Muskogee, OK.


The Book with the Beacon Lights, by Shaun Perkins

Beacon Lights of Literature. The book holds these treasures: a tiny page from a dance book half-filled out, two wedding newspaper clippings from ‘47, a piece of red ribbon fading page 304 of Homer’s Odyssey, a note to Mildred on lined paper, and a crumpled receipt for Lantern Red Lipstick, 29 cents, from Andrews Drug & Variety Store. These are the clues Perry has to go on. In the past, she made a case with less. Perhaps there is nothing to investigate this time, but she hopes that Mildred was not a typical teenage girl in the post-war Plains, dull as dry land with no beacon in sight.


Frag’s, by Jeff Conine

FRAG'S is a biting black comedy set in post-Vietnam Reagan America, a paean to those lost Sixties souls who did not partake: conspiracy, amoral satire and violence run amok.


Marking the Jesus Road: Bacone College through the Years, by Russell Lawson

Historian Russell M. Lawson has written a complete narrative history of Bacone College, examining its merits and shortcomings.

Bacone College, the oldest college in Oklahoma, is celebrating its 135th year. The college, founded by Christian missionaries to the American Indians of eastern and western Oklahoma, still reaches out to American Indians, as well as Caucasian, Black, Hispanic, and Asian students, to provide a liberal arts education in a small college, Christian environment.

The book, Marking the Jesus Road: Bacone College through the Years, highlights the contributions of students to the intellectual life of this small college in Muskogee Oklahoma.

The 329-page illustrated paperback sells for $19.99, and can be purchased through the Bacone College Bookstore.


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