Want to become part of a team providing a quality higher education in a Christian community? Bacone College is great place to get your education but it's also a great place to work.

How to Apply

All applicants must submit an Application for Employment. The document can be found in the right hand column. In addition to the application, you may submit a résumé or vita, cover letter (optional), letter of intent and transcripts (if specified in job posting). Check the job posting to see which additional forms are required. Submission of these application materials can be done using one of the following methods:

  • Mail: Human Resources Office, 2299 Old Bacone Road, Muskogee, OK 74403
  • In Person: Across from Presidential Office in Samuel Richards.
  • Fax: 918-781-7371
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Questions? Call: 918-781-7362 or 918-781-7363

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When Applying for an Open Position

When applying for a position please list the Job Title in the subject of the email, body of a cover letter or in the beginning of the résumé.

If attaching a résumé and/or additional documents, please attach them in a Word document (97), a rich text format or copy and paste the document into the body of an email.

NOTE: When a position is closed any application or résumé is closed out with that specific job posting. If you find another position that you are interested in after you are notified of the position closing, you will need to resubmit your résumé to the Human Resources Office. The Human Resources Office receives a high volume of résumés. We will not accept "unsolicited résumés" or any résumés not specifically applying for an open position.

Applying for Adjunct Position/Adjunct Pool

If you want to apply for an Adjunct position please specify the following criteria in your cover letter:

  • List the subjects you are interested in teaching.
  • State which semester(s) you are available to teach.
  • Specify if you prefer: days, evenings, online, on campus or a satellite location.

We will submit a copy of your application packet to the appropriate department and retain your résumé or vita, letter of intent and transcripts in the Adjunct Pool for one full academic year.

Thank you for your interest in Bacone College.

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