Bacone College is accepting proposals for the new construction or retrofit of an existing building for the purposes of a new campus dining hall. Site Visit is December 1st, 2016 at 10:00am; location, Bacone College Student Center. Request for Proposal documentation will be provided at the site visit for all interested bidders. 

All questions posed by contractors to the Campus Engineer, Rachael Cooper, will be posted publicly on this page. 

 Request for Proposal – RFP201612011DB Campus Dining Hall (downloadable pdf)

 December 10

QUESTION: Does BC have an estimated budget?

ANSWER: Bacone College has not outlined a budget for this project. Please consider anything below $2,000,000 to be considered

QUESTION: Is the money encumbered? 

ANSWER: Yes. A portion of project funding is available through financing and a portion of project funding is available through a third party; the project must be approved by the Executive Board of Directors prior to award. Approval is based on the criteria listed in the RFP

QUESTION: Is BC aiming for a single phase or multi-phase project

ANSWER: Single-phase for a fully functional dining hall; however, multi-phase is considered for areas such as, brick/stone cladding, outdoor eating space, side-walks, landscaping, etc. 

QUESTION: What is BC’s projected start date? 

ANSWER: We are aiming for an award date of January 31, 2017 with a design-phase start date of February 7, 2017. It is more important that the project is completed by mid-July for furnishing and food contractor move-in, in time for students to arrive mid-August

QUESTION: Where will the new building be located and is there geotechnical information available for the proposed location? 

ANSWER: If a contractor decides to bid on the new construction of a dining facility rather than the retro-fit of the old Wal-mart building used as the student center, then that new building will be located on main campus directly east of the Posey Student Center in between the two roads on the campus. Please see JPG file

Site Location - New Construction Site Location.jpg

QUESTION: Regarding sections G.b. and G.f.: is it BC’s intention to have proposers bid against each other on a project of uncertain scope?

ANSWER: The intention to allow BC to negotiate with bidders in order to come to a GMP that meets BCs financial interests if the bids are higher than what the Executive Board is comfortable with. The scope of the project will not change without full disclosure to all bidders. If this happens, bidders will have the option to rebid with the timelines extended

QUESTION: Regarding section L.a.: This building is an assembly occupancy exceeding 50 persons and will require the services of an Architect by State Law. An Architect cannot use the intellectual property of another Architect without permission or compensation. How does BC intent to resolve this conflict?

ANSWER: BC would ask that bidders please include all compensation for this to be included in the bid, or at least a quote to what the expected cost would be. The old Wal-mart drawings are available at BC though this is likely not a situation where intellectual property would be considered used. In the case of the kitchen layout details, the food service contractors for BC will provided insight during the design phases of the design-build project. We are in the process of selecting 1 of 3 bidders on our food services requirements; a couple of the contractors have their own designers/architects that will work with the awarded contractor 

QUESTION: Has BC sought legal counsel to verify conformance with Oklahoma Statues?

ANSWER: The President of Bacone College is a lawyer and has approved of the RFP. This is the extent to which legal aid has been sought. If bidders believe that there are areas that are unresolved and that fall in the realm of BC to solve, please indicate this in your proposals. It is the opinion of BC that the awarded contractor ensure conformance to all legal statues

QUESTION: Regarding section Q.a.: We see that the approximate seating required for the dining hall is 330, but what is BC’s specific number for maximum occupancy?  Regarding section Q.f.: Size of bathroom facilities is determined by code and number of occupants. Please refer to question above

ANSWER: Please use 330 as your design standard for maximum occupancy as well as bathroom requirements

QUESTION: Is there any demolition that needs to occur for the existing building

ANSWER: Yes. There will be some interior 2x4 framing and drywall construction that will likely need demolished based on the layout for the kitchen and dining areas proposed by the bidder(s). There will also be indoor turf that requires demolition. Finally there are outdoor areas that will require the removal of fencing and some wood framing that was once the lawn and garden section of the Wal-mart

QUESTION: Are there any known site conditions that we should be aware of for the new building?

ANSWER: No site survey has be completed. From visual inspect that site is a place that has a grade feet lower than that of the street level with a storm drainage outlet into the space. Because of this, it is clear that fill will be required in order to ensure facility grading is correct

QUESTION: Are there any building conditions that we should be aware of for the existing facility? 

ANSWER: It should be known that the roof of the building is in disrepair and the repair or replacement of the roof could be a scope increase depending on the severity of the damage. Nothing other than this is known


December 5th

Food Service Contractors provided some information regarding SF of required spaces. This information is from Pioneer Food Services and is an approximation:

1)       Refrigeration (320SF)

2)       Administrative (200SF)

3)       Dry Storage (250SF)

4)       Kitchen (1800SF)

5)       Serveries (2000SF)

6)       Wash Area (300SF)

Total Area Approximately 5000SF

Pioneer uses a factor of 2.5 for calculating number of seats required for dining at any one time based on meals that have periods of 2 hours. If we are looking to feed 75% of 1,100 (825), divide that number by 2.5 to provide number of seats required (approximately 330).


December 1, 2016

ATTENDED Contractors for Dec 1, Site Visit

OCI Department of Corrections – Bob Darby – [email protected]

Buffington Company – Brian Lambert – [email protected]

Oakridge Builders – Charles Hogan – [email protected]

GSE Construction Inc – Bill Martin – [email protected]

ServPro – Dakota Ballard & Jerry Adamson – [email protected][email protected]

Morton Buildings – Bryan Adams – [email protected]

WJW Management Inc. – Travis Drain – [email protected]

DBG Construction – Elliott Kahn & Heather Norwood – [email protected]

Branstetter Bldg. Co. LLC – Cal Branstetter – [email protected] 

 QUESTION: Can Bacone College provide underground utility drawings for the campus? 

ANSWER: No, Bacone College does not currently have drawings available for these utilities. Drawings can be requested from the City of Muskogee

 QUESTION: Can Bacone College provide Food Service Contractor contact information for the three companies bidding on the Food Services Contract? 


SODEXO (current provider): [email protected]

FRESH IDEAS: Kris Lensmeyer at: [email protected]573-268-4448

PIONEER: [email protected]; 423-718-1703423-472-3045

 QUESTION: Will kitchen equipment and furniture be provided by owner?

ANSWER: Yes, the kitchen equipment and furniture will not be part of this contract. A separate solicitation will be created in 2017 for the procurement of non-infrastructure type purchases. 

 QUESTION: How do we plan for facility flow? How many controlled entry points will there be? 

ANSWER: Plan for one controlled entry point into the food serving/collecting area. There should be open access to seating and a cash coffee shop area.

 QUESTION: Does Bacone College have plans for the existing Student Center?

ANSWER: Yes, there are plans of the existing facility at the Student Life office inside the student center. When walking into the Student Center, ask for Courtney Tudor’s office. She can direct you to the plans for you to take pictures and notes. [email protected]