We understand the value that residential dining brings to the students on our campus. Research shows that students who live on campus and have meal plans tend to do better in their classes.

We offer two meal plans. You can choose either the 15 or 19 meal plan. This allows students to choose when and how often they eat in the dining hall throughout the semester. 

Our dining hall is open Monday - Sunday and serves all-you-can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner during the week, with brunch and dinner served on weekends. Your meal plan allows you to eat either 15 or 19 meals per week in the dining hall, depending on which plan you purchase. 

Our dining hall offers a variety of entrees with side dishes, pizza, salad bar, deli bar, waffles, soft serve ice cream, and assorted desserts, cereals and beverages. We also off gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options upon request - just let the manager know what your allergens are and they are happy to accommodate you.

Download the "BITE" app by Sodexo to view the daily menus including nutritional information. You can also view the menus by joining us on Twitter @SDXBACONE.