We understand the value that residential dining brings to the students on our campus. Research shows that students who live on campus and have meal plans tend to do better in their classes.

We provide traditional meal plans during the week, but also provide additional options for after hours and weekend use. This allows students to choose when and how often they eat in the dining hall throughout the semester. The declining balance gives you, the student, the choice of how often to eat at an off-campus location, and the flexibility to choose your favorite location if you want to eat after regular meal hours.

Our dining hall is open Monday - Friday and serves all-you-can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your meal plan allows you to eat 10 meals per week in the dining hall. The dining hall is closed Saturday and Sunday. Please enjoy your off-campus meal plan for weekend meals.


We recognize that because of class schedules and team travel, our students need flexibility and options.  We provide multiple choices for our students through the ability to spend dining dollars off campus. This customized meal plan approach enables maximum student flexibility.