Founder's Societies

acbacone.jpgAC Bacone $1,200 and $3,000

Professor Almon C. Bacone, the founder of Indian University was born April 25, 1830 in the state of New York. In 1878, at the age of 48, A. C. Bacone came to Indian Territory as Superintendent of the Cherokee Male Seminary. While at the Cherokee Male Seminary, Professor Bacone realized that there was little or no provision for the Christian training and development of the Indians. The emphasis was placed upon preparation for making a living. He perceived the great need for a Baptist school in Indian Territory. Bacone with the co-operation of his two devoted friends, Daniel Rogers and Joseph S. Murrow, founded Indian University. The school opened February 9, 1880 with three students and Bacone as the only teacher and president. In 1881, a tract of land had been given to Bacone by the Muskogee Nation and in June 1885 the school moved to its new location near Muskogee, Indian Territory. Bacone died April 22, 1896 and was buried in a small cemetery on the campus of Indian University which was renamed Bacone Indian University in 1910.

jsmurrow.jpgJS Murrow $600 - $1,199

Joseph Samuel Murrow was born June 7, 1835 in Jefferson County, Georgia. He received an appointment by the Domestic and Indian Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention as a missionary to the Indians of the West and came to Indian Territory in November of 1857. He organized the Atoka Baptist Academy in 1887, which became the Atoka Orphans' Home in 1902 and was moved to Bacone in 1910 as the Murrow Indian Orphans' Home. He was one of the organizers of Indian University (Bacone College) and was president of the Board of Trustees for 15 years. He died September 8, 1926 at the age of 94 years, having served the cause of Christ among the Oklahoma Indians 68 years.

journeycake.jpgCharles Jouneycake $300 - $599

Charles Journeycake was born in Ohio December 17, 1817. In 1855, Mr. Journeycake was made Chief of the Wolf Clan, and in 1861 was made Principal chief of the Delaware Nation. On September 22, 1872, Charles Journeycake was ordained as pastor of the Delaware Baptist Church. He served as one of the Trustees for Bacone Indian University for several years, and was deeply interested in the splendid training given the Indian boys and girls there. He died January 3, 1894.


 danielrogers.jpgDaniel Rogers $120 - $299

 Daniel Rogers was born April 13, 1844, at Pittsfield, New Hampshire. In 1874, he was called to work with the Cherokees in Indian Territory. In 1880, Rogers was Secretary and Treasurer for the Indian University Board of Trustees. Rogers, along with A. C. Bacone and J. S. Murrow, were the three that knelt in prayer, dedicating the plot of ground on which Bacone College was established to the service of the Lord. Rogers, Bacone, and Murrow also organized the first association meeting among the Cherokees. Rogers died at his home in Granville, Ohio, January 30, 1934.