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The Indian Collection at Bacone College Library contains hundreds of volumes of price- less books covering topics such as tribal laws and codes; tribal history categorized by tribe, religion and mythology, and tribal publications. We also were the recipients of the collection from Dick West's personal library.

Our collection is vast and priceless, and our mission to restore and preserve this collection is unwavering. Your donation to this endeavor will ensure that the collected works will be available for future generations to learn about the culture, religious beliefs and practices, as well as history about the American Indian and Bacone College.

Project Description

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Indian Collection Renovation Plan and Project Description & Objection

Project Description

As the Indian Collection at Bacone College continues to grow, we see the need to expand the area in which this unique and priceless compilation can be house. Since our current library has moved to a new location at Bacone Commons, we have identified the library in Samuel Richards Hall as the prime location.

In order to utililize the area that has been identified, we have established a plan for renova- tion, providing storage of the collection. As you know, rare books should be stored in such a way to prevent abrasion and structural damage. Creating a monitored and controlled environmental condition is also essential for reducing the threat of deterioration to rare books. Fluctuating temperature and relative humidity, light, dirt, microorganism, insects, and rodents are as harmful to books as they are to museum objects.

Ultraviolet light can break down paper and cloth fibers and visible light can fade colors. It is important that the lighting in the area is considered as well as the use of portable air cleaners and humidifiers.


Because of the age of some of the items in this collection, preservation is of the utmost im- portance. As we move to more appropriately provide storage so that this collection can be utilized, and preserved, we see the need to use the current library area in Samuel Richards Hall at Bacone College.