ADA Lift & Gallery


An ADA-compliant lift will be constructed in Bacone’s former library, leading down to a new gallery supporting both the conservation and display of Native American artifacts.

The gallery will house a variety of Native American Art, objects, and collectibles from Bacone’s collection - paintings, sculptures, tribal rugs, baskets, pottery - are some examples of what will be displayed in rotating exhibits. Significant construction will prepare the new room for its fragile and rare contents: a new lighting system will prevent harsh lights from damaging gallery contents, while waterproofing measures will prevent moisture damage and air filtering will further protect the collections.

Through these same measures, the school can perform conservation work on materials, or provide researchers an appropriate environment in which to study.

In addition, Bacone’s comprehensive text and photo collection will be scanned into a digital archive, or “digitized.” Through student interns and advanced technology, we will have the ability to provide easy access to our wealth of invaluable texts through digital archive. The new gallery will demonstrate Bacone’s dedication to its historic mission of advocating Native American education and, by extension, promoting tribal culture. Through respectful and careful display and conservation, Bacone can share its expansive collection with researchers and visitors.

ADA Compliant Lift ............................................ $75,000
Creation of Gallery Space .................................. $100,000

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Museum internship

Students in the University of Tulsa's Museum Science and Management Program, in cooperation with the Gilcrease Museum, have a new opportunity for internship experience at Bacone College. Home to a nationally acclaimed collection of Native American artifacts, texts and art, the school is pleased to offer these students hands-on experience in the conservation, preparation, and eventual display of these materials.

As a component of the Indian Library project, the internship provides participants a chance to work with Bacone's extensive collection as the school prepares to renovate its galleries. Interns can also take advantage of Bacone's own Ataloa Lodge as an example of how a nationally recognized museum operates, including mentoring from our experienced staff.

The internship serves as a natural evolution of the growing relationship between Bacone College and Gilcrease Museum. Thanks to its collection of ancient and rare Native American materials, the school's internship remains a unique opportunity for interns to gain experience they couldn't find anywhere else.

Bacone College will begin to offer a concentration in Museum Studies as part of its American Indian Cultural Studies Degree in Fall 2012. It is hopeful that this concentration will be a "feeding" program to the Museum Science and Management Master Degree at the University of Tulsa.