2020: A Vision for Our Future

The Campaign

Dear Friends of Bacone,

This is a challenging time in American education. And it is a challenging time for Bacone. With our governments – at all levels -- facing fiscal challenges we have not seen perhaps since The Great Depression some 80 years ago, the onus to support institutions like ours falls heavily and most directly, on our shoulders. We have born this burden before. We can surely do it again; because our Bacone is truly a most unique place among American educational institutions.

Bacone was founded as a Christian mission to American Indians. Our primary historic educational mission with native people is the heart of Bacone. For over 130 years, we have provided a sanctuary for those seeking a well-rounded education which attempts to prepare students to function in the mainstream of society, while retaining their culture and heritage. Our alumni and friends of the College tell us we have succeeded.

We are now poised to move toward our future. Our Center for American Indians is attracting national attention around our amazing American Indian Collections and expanding American Indian Programs. Our Center for Christian Ministry, the umbrella for spiritual life on campus, is helping students have an opportunity to serve each other and serve their Lord. Our Ataloa Lodge Museum offers one of the finest collections of American Indian art and life-ways in the United States, considered by many to be surpassed only by the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, and the National Museum of American Indian (NMAI) Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. From our diverse academic offerings, to our successful Warrior athletic teams, to our wide range of student programs, the demand for modern facilities and improvements to aging structures requires us to launch a robust fund-raising effort.

2020: A vision toward our Future: The Campaign for Bacone is that initiative. As you read about our vitality, and think about your place in our future, please consider what you can do to help a great College become greater.

Projects & Goals

Campaign 2020 involves a variety of projects and we need your help to ensure that these projects get completed. Below are the current Campaign 2020 projects.

Athletics - Offices and Field House

As we move the Athletic Offices and Fieldhouse to the Bacone Commons, we have several opportunities for support. These new offices include offices and conference rooms for the athletic staff.

CCR - Walter Starr

In 1923, the Walter Starr boy’s dormitory was constructed with funds donated by Creek Indian Walter Starr, a former Bacone student. This facility currently houses Admissions, Financial Aid, the Bacone Advising Center, the Division of Adult Education, and the Registrar’s office.

Hurley House Renovation

The Hurley House was built to provide housing for the President’s and their families. Currently, the facility is used for special events hosted by President and Mrs. Duncan, and serves as ‘bed and breakfast’ for dignitaries visiting the school.

Student Multi-Purpose Area

As we recently opened the Virginia Palmer Student Life Center at the Bacone Commons, we are creating a student multipurpose area near the center of this facility. This area will be the hub for student events including concerts, lectures, dances, and roller skating.

ADA Lift & Gallery

An ADA-compliant lift will be constructed in Bacone’s former library, leading down to a new gallery supporting both the conservation and display of Native American artifacts.

DAR - American Indian Research Library

The Indian Collection at Bacone College Library contains hundreds of volumes of price- less books covering topics such as tribal laws and codes; tribal history categorized by tribe, religion and mythology, and tribal publications.