BS in Nursing (RN-BSN)

Candidates entering the BSN program must have an Associate of Science or Applied Science degree in Nursing and an active RN license.

No more than 61 hours may be completed online or off-site.

Minimum of 124 academic credit hours and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 are required for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.

37 hours of Core Curriculum Requirements:
3 hours The Spiritual Self (REL)
6 hours The Social Self (AIS, HIS)
7 hours The Scientific Self (BIO, CHM, GPS, MTH)
12 hours The Cognitive/Critical Thinking (ENG, SPC, LOGIC)
9 hours Liberal Arts Guided Electives (ART/THE, LIT/JRN, PSC/SOCSCI)

12 hours of Related Studies:
Life Sciences
BIO2324 Microbiology (required)

48 hours of Electives:
ADN courses

27 hours of BSN Core to be completed online:
NUR3003  Health Care Communication & Nursing Informatics
NUR3103 Theories and Concepts in Professional Nursing
NUR3183 Trans-cultural Nursing and Health Care
NUR3243 Health Assessment and Promotion
NUR3303 Nursing Ethics
NUR4173 Nursing Research
NUR4385 Community Health Nursing
NUR4484 Leadership and Management Practice in Health Care Organizations

Other Requirements:

Computer Literacy: demonstrated through completion of appropriate high school or college course or testing out.

Reading Proficiency: demonstrated through appropriate ACT score or completion of developmental Reading courses.