BS in Sport Management

Division of Adult Education Degree Completion Program

No more than 61 hours may be completed online or off-site.

Minimum of 124 academic credit hours and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 are required for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Sport Management.


Graduates with a major in Sport Management could pursue jobs as athletic directors, coaches on any academic level, sports team managers, armed forces sports coaches, sports administrators in private or semiprivate enterprises, municipal sports directors, front-office personnel and administrators with professional sports organizations, public colleges, and universities (facilities, marketing, and sports information), and in businesses that have a strong sports emphasis. In addition, graduates could go on to pursue graduate degrees that may prepare them for highly specialized jobs in sports.

Degree Requirements 

36 hours of Core Curriculum Requirements:
5 hours The Spiritual Self (REL, HPE)
6 hours The Social (AIS, HIS)
3 hours The Aesthetic (AES)
7 hours The Scientific (BIO, CHM, GPS, and MTH)
15 hours The Cognitive/Critical Thinking (ENG, SPC, LOGIC, CLE)

9 hours of Liberal Arts Guided Electives

19 hour of General Electives

60 hours of Degree Requirements:
ACC 2113 Financial Accounting
ACC 2123 Managerial Accounting
BUS 2143 Business Law I
CIS 3213 Technical Applications in Business
HPE 3403 Prevention & Care of Injuries
MGT 2223 Principles of Management
MGT 3323 HR Management
MGT 4113 Organizational Behavior & Leadership Theory
MKT 2283 Principles of Marketing
MKT 3413 Sales Management
SME 1003 Introduction to Sport Management
SME 2113 Sport Facility Management & Design
SME 3003 Governing Bodies in Sport
SME 3103 Ethics in Sport Management
SME 3113 Sport Marketing
SME 3213 Sport Communications
SME 4113 Sport Law
SME 4303 Psy of Human Behavior in Sport
SME 4506 Internship in Sport Management

Other Requirements:

Computer Literacy: demonstrated through completion of appropriate high school or college course or testing out.

Reading Proficiency: demonstrated through appropriate ACT score or completion of developmental Reading courses.

Outcomes Assessment (CAAP Test): required after completing 60 credit hours of general education coursework.