BS in Criminal Justice Studies

No more than 61 hours may be completed online or off-site.

Minimum of 124 academic credit hours and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 are required for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Studies.

45 hours of Core Curriculum Requirements:
5 hours The Spiritual Self (REL, AIS)
6 hours The Social (AIS, HIS)
3 hours The Aesthetic (AES)
7 hours The Scientific (BIO, CHM, GPS, MTH)
15 hours The Cognitive/Critical Thinking (ENG, SPC, LOGIC, CLE)
9 hours Liberal Arts Guided Electives (ART/THE, LIT/JRN, PSC/SOCSCI)

9 hours of General Electives

40 hours of Major Concentration to be completed online:
CJS1103 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJS1123 Drugs, Alcohol and Crime
CJS2213 Juvenile Justice
CJS2303 Courts and Constitutional Law
CJS2313 Criminal Law I
CJS2413 Corrections I
CJS2513 Forensics I
CJS2613 Law Enforcement
CJS3313 Criminal Law II
CJS3623 Criminal Investigations
MGT4413 Organizational Behavior & Leadership
CJS4013 Corrections II
CJS4954 Issues in Justice (CAPSTONE)

30 hours of Criminal Justice Electives

Other Requirements:

Computer Literacy: demonstrated through completion of appropriate high school or college course or testing out.

Reading Proficiency: demonstrated through appropriate ACT score or completion of developmental Reading courses.

Outcomes Assessment (CAAP Test): required after completing 60 credit hours of general education coursework.