BA in Christian Ministry

No more than 61 hours may be completed online or off-site.

Minimum of 126 academic credit hours and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 are required for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Christian Ministry.

45 hours of Core Curriculum Requirements:
5 hours The Spiritual Self (REL, AIS)
6 hours The Social (AIS, HIS)
3 hours The Aesthetic (AES)
7 hours The Scientific (BIO, CHM, GPS & MTH)
15 hours The Cognitive/Critical Thinking (ENG, SPC, LOGIC, CLE)
9 hours Liberal Arts Guided Electives (ART/THE, LIT/JRN, PSC/SOCSCI)

27 hours of Major Concentration to be completed online:
MIN1223 Old Testament Literature
MIN1143 New Testament Lit
REL2253 The World Religions
MIN1213 The Life of Christ
MIN3113 Christian Ethics
Studies of the Gospel: MIN3213, 3023, 3033 or 3043
MIN3313 Homiletics
MIN3123 Postmodern Christianity
MIN4233 The Lay Minister -OR-
MIN4313 Church Administration

22 hours of Internship

24 hours of Christian Ministry Electives:
REL1003 Introduction to Christianity
MIN2113 Introduction to Religious Education
MIN2423 Introduction to Jewish History
MIN2223 The Life of Paul
MIN2413 Native American Religions
MIN3243 History of Christianity
MIN 3233 Christian Missions
MIN3233 Technology in the Ministry
MIN4113 Holy Land History and Geography – EO Tour
MIN4123 Holy Land History and Geography – Journal
MIN4233 The Lay Minister -OR-
MIN4313 Church Administration
MIN4223 Women in the Church

6 hours Senior Capstone


Senior Capstone Project

Other Requirements:

Computer Literacy: demonstrated through completion of appropriate high school or college course or testing out.

Reading Proficiency: demonstrated through appropriate ACT score or completion of developmental Reading courses.

Outcomes Assessment (CAAP Test): required after completing 60 credit hours of general education coursework.